Sunday, April 16, 2006

Me.. How I Love and Admire Only Me..

My name is Sara Nadia. I'm a girl who is currently doing Foundation in Business because of one little failing subject which right now requires me to have to repeat a semester doing only one unit (for the whole 4 months) just to get to the degree level.
All right, let's start over...
My mother named me Sara Nadia after a prophet’s wife and Nadia Comaneci (some young Olympic gymnast gold medalist in the '80s). I am not so sure if I should be proud about it, but thankfully enough that she named me what I am now. I guess the identity she had given me somehow had shaped my personality.:)
My mother is a Sarawakian Eurasian and my father is a Malay from Malacca. My maternal grandmother is a mix of Javanese and Indian, whilst my maternal grandfather is Iban-Chinese-Scottish. My paternal grandmother could be a mix of Arab or Indian or something, I am not so sure because she had never really told me, plus I have not seen her for ages. My paternal grandfather is a Malay. My parents are divorced and they both had remarried. My father is now living in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and children (3 younger brothers of mine), whilst my mother is now living in Kuching with 4 of my other brothers and I, although right now I am actually staying with my maternal grandmother. Before I forgot to mention, I am the eldest amongst all my 7 brothers. It seems weird how I don’t really behave like boys! :P
This year, this very Friday (21st of April 2006), I am going to turn 19 years old, and for my birthday, I wish for every (both the most tiniest and biggest) problems happening in my round of family and friends would finally be over. Over these few years, I have seen a lot of sadness over the short terms of happiness; cries and sobs over a shorter length of laughter. What is worst is when relationships between family members, friends and even lovers turning from bad to worst. I may even be involved in either one of the three problems, and it made me sad just thinking about it. Maybe all these 'sufferings' are part of the growing up process everyone would have go through. I don't know, but I just hope that all these would be over soon, because I'm awfully tired of being in the middle of all problems. Just by watching sad stuff is enough to make my heart ache, which then would affect my stomach (due to unnecessary nervousness) leading it to ache as well.
I love to talk about myself so much sometimes, that I even feel as though I am annoyed with this addiction that kills me silently. But I have been trying to keep myself from doing so to my friends, because I would hate to boast too much about myself. I guess by talking too much about oneself, a person could be considered as a boastful, right? So probably that is why I turn to blogging, because I could write a whole lot about myself and what i saw and heard and experienced in a day without having to worry about being too self-concious.So far that is what I see through my point of view. Besides blogging, I enjoy reading thrillers (by Sidney Sheldon especially) and useless facts through the internet and encyclopedias. But most of all, I love to make people feel comfortable when they are around me, because I am actually a nice person behind the veil of shyness that I would be apparent if someone would meet me for the first time. I would get annoyed of mean arrogant people. Even if any of my friends are boastful and loud, I really hate those people with no consideration and respect towards other people’s feelings. I may be bitchy at times, but if people treat me nicely, I would treat them even nicer than they could imagine. After all, I AM a very sweet person… hee hee…
Right now, I am still doing my foundation year in Swinburne University of technology, doing my final semester. Actually, I was supposed to be in first year, but thanks to my lack of concentration in Accounting 1 lectures and tutorial classes, I am now repeating a semester doing only one unit for the whole 4 months or so. I guess some people would be wondering of how smart I am for getting myself into bigger problems than I already had been to. I think I regretted for taking the wrong step by not giving my fullest attention in class before, but regrets will never solve any thing if I don’t take the right actions to fix the wrongs I had done. These types of matters are fixable! I can do this… if I want to.
Next semester I think I am going to do Bachelor in Business Accounting. Yes, so I failed Accounting 1, but if other people could climb Mount Everest or die and live again (did that ever even happen?), I am going to make sure that I can do better! But first, I would have to start studying and do better in class. :P