Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Halal Tattoos!

Nabiya: I'm gonna get a henna tattoo on my back that says "HALAL" in arabic!

Which reminds me of the "thank you", "welcome" and "come again" tattoo they once wanted to get. Lol!
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10 years ago!

;-) twas me then!
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fuhh! reminder~

August, 2009 - An engineering student let me his shoulder to cry on..

Last weekend Mar 18, 2011 - that dude became my husband. Wowaweewa!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

I got HITCHED through the weekend~!

With blessings from our parents, grandparents, family and friends... we did not elope... (though I always did wish to elope sometimes...) :D
Pray that we will always love each other in sickness and health, and for our happiness to be so contagious that the whole world lives happily ever after..  LOL!

I love you Ng Chee Sin.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lost in Surau, Hilton, Kuching.

Good Morning, semi-stressful day!

Good Morning, from Borneo, and island so enchanting, you'd expect to get fairy glitters falling of the ceiling everytime you wake up.

Today, at about 9++ am, I discovered something that had just embarassed most Malaysians in the eyes of the world.. I bet many Malaysians discovered it already la, true Twitter/FB/Blogs... Adakah they made caricature out of the recent tsunami disaster in Japan. So cruel! So insensitive! So annoyingly unnecessary! Grow up!

I discovered this whilst I was browsing around on FB, on my Dad's status. Looks like Malaysians are enraged as well because of this situation. I mean, come on la.. making fun of people whose lives were in jeopardy? Jaik dow!!!! That person should totally be disowned for making us Malaysians seem uncaring, insensitive.. cruel! SHEEESHHHH so tidak puas hati. Can we please just make fun of our local politicians who'd never made any sense when they talk? Now that'd be a nice joke.

Depicted from one of my Dad's friends who'd commented on his status (Mr Ahmad Shahir):

(petikan drpd saifulislam.com)

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Jepun!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Malaysia…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Johor!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Selangor…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Gombak!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Petaling Jaya…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Seksyen 5!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Seksyen 2…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di Jalan 2/4!
Tak apa. Kita kan di Jalan 2/8…

Bencana itu sudah tiba di rumah nombor 47!
Tak apa. Kita kan di rumah nombor 74…

Bahagian depan rumah kita sudah runtuh!
Syukur. Dapur kita masih selamat…

Memperkenalkan… mazhab Aku Tidak Pedulisma!

Come on, ignorants.. WAKE UP!