Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am A Hopeless X-Mas Romantic!

For X-Mas,.. I really, really want... :
  1. to watch Love Actually 5 times.... (mena aie..) ~ this is due to the haunting happy X-Mas songs I've been listening to... and lagu the Beatles ya... -.-
  2. to go to Singapore... (I really really want to go... :( ... plus.. Torey Jenson from Pamela Wallace's Love with a Perfect Stranger ya...!!! ~encouraging me to go travel ... and.... :P )
  3. to be with my besties... especially Nabs la somehow,... and AZIE! I wish suma org boleh pegi Singapore.. aie.. pahal la I really want to go hooo...
  4. my little angit lepreechawns to buy me the books! ~ ingat adik2 ku yang bau,k?
  5. to call or maybe just text la.. LOL (budget) all my besties on the eve (Munee, KK, DD, Mai, Thila, Zsa, Anna, Gwen, Elaine,Ezra.... (aku sik suka la nak list down tok... mun ada tertinggal nama ya... sorry babes!) all the jiwang dorky texts I'd definitely send... hehehe..
  7. to buy something for Ben's birthday... definitely...
  8. to start thinking of New Year Resolutions..
  9. to have an adventure I've never had.. heeheeheehee..
  10. ok.. ok.. ada gik tok.. but I malas want to type..

~ I cannot be left with classic love songs and movies! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! I'm so tamak...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Selimut Hati (by Dewa 19)

Aku kan menjadi malam-malammu..Kan menjadi mimpi-mimpimu
Dan selimuti hatimu..yang beku..
Aku kan menjadi bintang-bintangmu..Kan slalu menyinarimu..
Dan menghapus rasa rindumu..yang pilu..
Reff: Aku bisa untuk menjadi.. apa yang kau minta..
Untuk menjadi apa yang kau impikan
Tapi ku tak bisa menjadi dirinya.
Aku kan menjadi embun pagimu..yang kan menyejukkan jiwamu..
Dan kan membasuh hatimu..yang layu
Back to Reff.
Tinggalkan sejenak lalumu..beri s'dikit waktu..
Kepadaku..tuk meyakinkanmu...

**huhhhh..... in love ehh.... :P~

A Merry Aidil Adha to All!

Tonight, I am on my bed typing all this on.. hehe.. Tiba2 rasa happy.. apahal ka? :) I saw pictures of my friend's (Anna) and she seemed as though she's been smiling a lot! Happy dow~~~ Thus, I made a conclusion that smiling is contagious.. :D I spotted that many of my friends are full of smiles now.. and it makes me feel like I'm in a very wonderful world! Aie.. I know I'm jiwang... but best bah.. just lastnight, I was worried because I felt very emotionless... I called up a friend, and made my friend annoyed because I couldn't be emo.. hahahah! Even lagu Dewa didn't help me at all! :P But now, Anna's smiling pictures and all the happy smiles of people surrounding me contributed to all my happy thoughts... Memang sewel... :P~ Oh... :D muahhh~

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Have you ever realised that life is actually VERY beautiful? Undeniably, it is.. and most of the time people like me just don't know how to appreciate it. Terok right?
Everyday when I wake up, I'd have people who loves me surrounding me.. like my Grandma, Z, my other brothers.. my Mom.. some mornings I'd receive like texts from my besties... telling me that they love me.. best ba idup tok..but why do I still feel empty?
It's not like I'm in love or something. I'm over that! It's not like any of my problems are bigger than taik idong.. it's really not! Am I just feeling too hyper that it's taking me to that level where it actually gets me super slowww... haha! sakit this feeling dow!
Maybe I'm just running out of things to do. Or maybe I'm tired of planning, knowing most of my plans would musnah in the end.. heheh.. dramatic~ I give up very easily dah now, or memang I cepat give up.. belom apa2, plan pun sik btol, dah give up.. ok.. I think I'm like that... eheheh...
Or maybe I'm just scared to do something that I've been longing to do, because... because why? Because I malas nak hoping that it'd end up being the way it was planned? huhh.. pahal ku tok?
Eeeee... gai eh... nang boring la... hahaha... ju lah! suggest to me stuff that I can do to get over this psychotic feeling... hehehe

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I forgot what I wanted to type about!

I was out this evening, playing futsal with my friends... when we were on our way back.. we were talking about something.. and I told them that I was gona write about it.. but what was it? neways... kakak did say something about being emo...apa owww???lapar eh tiba2..