Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The MOHs and Bridesmaids ritual dance rehearsal. lol!

Darling cousins shakin' their booty, Mildly! Paloi ktk orang! Hahaha
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Word of the Week: Heartbreak

These few days, I've encountered the word 'heartbreak' if not 'heartbroken' a bit too often. I saw 'em on tv, in the papers, on the net..
I was watching 'Royal Pains' last night, and the episode touched on a new 'Japanese' medical term, 'tako-tsubo' which was some kind of situation, (if I'm not mistaken) whereby the heart feels squeezed very tightly that causes cardiac problems. Tako tsubo, translated in English, 'octopus trap', is exactly how the heart would look like during the attack. This is usually caused by stress, most of the time due to emotional depression. It is also known as the 'brokenheart' syndrome.
To me, this sounded pretty familiar, because I believe I have witnessed this situation before.. I think one of my friends might've had this before, because she was deeply emotional over a guy and she actually fainted one day.
Another friend might've experienced this as well. She'd call one night telling me that her chest is in pain after something went bad in her personal issues.
It's a mystery how we can feel the physical pain out of emotional distress. I guess that's why they call it 'heartbreak', kan? I've experienced this as well, but oh so many times before. It's like disappointment beyond repair. Felt as though the heart won't ever be able to be mended at all (more exaggeration, please!). I'd get these pain, then I'd throw up everytime after the episode. After that, half of my burden would disappear.

Heartbreak. Now we know there's not much of metaphore in that term.

Kiss kiss
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disappointment - I'm never good enough for you.

 "Chill," friends would tell me, when I'm in distress, as I'd be disappointed with something.
 "I'm disappointed with you," one would tell me. It hurts. Like crazy.
 I feel this. It just swooshed away, hurting me bad. From limb to limb...
 They ridicule disappointment. They ignored my disappointment. Yet they tell me over and over again how disappointed they are of me. 
At present, it's the BEST gift I've ever had. It made me cry a whole lot. Worry a bunch more.
I got migraines from all the worrying. Stress. Tensed. You name it. I got it.
That's how a big, how huge, how GREAT disappointment is as a gift in my present.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was frying fried rice for Chee Sin a moment ago.. And thought to myself, "other people would try hard not to get whatever their frying burnt. And I'm here waiting to get this fried rice to get burnt."
Burnt fried rice is yummy bah!
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