Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Managing Yourself - Part I: Motivating Yourself

OK, so Amon and I kinda read the first part of Grolier Business Library's 'Managing Yourself'. And I found out that I am a person that may be motivated by what I want to ACHIEVE and the feeling of BELONGING to something, someone or a group.. Amon is definitely a person motivated by the need to have influence.. hehe..

This book further explained that while we are either (or may be influenced by 2 or all 3) of these motivators -- needing to achieve, needing to belong and needing to influence... we are driven by factors that may motivate us. The author setted up 5 drivers that dictates on how we do things, which individually for each person might be different. These drivers may be used for us to set our own standards when we do things... These drivers are: Speed, Perfection, Approval, Effort and Strength. Speed is the standard of a person who's always in a hurry. These people will never miss deadlines, are known to be efficient, may need less time for preparation, are quick-thinking and works best under pressure..with strict deadlines. Unfortunately, these are the people who would tend to be impatient and may pressurise others, who's always hasty and are prone to mistakes, talks quickly and may be interrupting (plus won't be able to listen to other people), rushes a bit too much to be on time and may not have enough time to check on potential mistakes. (This is soooo Amon and Sin)
A person bound on the standard of perfection are known to be accurate at making any jobs, less likely to make mistakes, will always have contingency plans for potential problems, reliable, well-organised and are always well-presented. On the other hand, these people may be so detailed that they may confuse others, would be a bit slow because they always have to make sure that their work is right, very critical, may lead to hesitation, often have hard time to trust others so that everyone will abide to the perfection standard as well, and may be quite poor at meeting deadlines. (Mommy, Nabs, and sometimes me)
The person who'd standardise him/herself to the Approval of others are usually those who are called pleasers. These people are good at smoothing things over, who are also good-listeners, intuitive, kind and considerate, understanding and well-liked. I want to admit that I am this, but I am not sure that I am always a kind person, although I always put other people's feelings before mine :P.. The disadvantages for these kind of people is that they may cause misunderstandings due to acting on intuition rather than checking facts, may not tell people the truth although they know that these people are wrong (because they'd hate to upset people), may be seen as weak, due to reluctance to put forward ideas and opinions, they might also have difficulties in saying NO (nang aku la),... and take criticism too personally (emotional).. (Yep this is me.. and Amon padah Liyana too.. because she's a sweet and sensitive person.. I'm not too sweet I guess)..
Forth driver is the standard of the Trier, a person driven by Effort. These people are hardworkers and they will never give up...They are enthusiastic, thorough (will look at all the possibilities and options), well-motivated, and yep, they work HARD! The downturn of having this as a driver is that they can turn simple tasks become hard due to the enthusiasm, they may start things, but never finish it..may volunteer for too much, becoming over-committed, and will be more concerned with effort rather than success! I know Sin is a hard-worker who's well motivated, but I think he always finishes his work ba...
Strength reflects the standard of the coper.. they never over-react and panic, they deal calmly with angry, upset or difficult people, and they could deal with difficult and stressful situations. They are very good at handling crisis when others panic, they are very honest, predictable, reliable and steady. But they may have the tendency to be afraid of letting people down. They can be hard to know, because their feelings are covered up. Besides that, they might not be aware of this, but being so strong may make them feel over-loaded inside, because they'd refuse to seek help from people and they hate admitting weakness. They see failure to cope with everything as a weakness. I see a lot of this in Athila. She's a very strong person, but I doubt that she's all emo inside. Maybe she is, who knows... but we love you just the same, hunny :)

I'm gonna continue with this soon... this kinda things are a bit eye-opening when you read more and more on it :P It may not be too accurate, maybe it'd help me work out my hidden strength :D

I'll come back with more... gotta do some work now..


Monday, December 28, 2009

Fortune Cookie Reading: 28-12-2009

Come to Momma, Money! HAHAHA

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas :)

Had a really simple Christmas Eve with Sin ~~ My rendition of CAKE's 'Walk on By' Merry Christmas Everybody :)
Good night~

What the Cookie says:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Everytime We Say Goodbye (Song by Cole Porter)

Every time we say goodbye
I die a little
Every time we say goodbye
I wonder why a little
Why the Godss above me
Who must be in the know
Think so little to me
They allow you to go

When you're near
there's such an air
of Spring about it
I can hear a lark somewhere
begin to sing about it
Theres no love song finer
But how strange the change
From major to minor
Every time we say goodbye

When you're near
Theres such an air
of Spring about it
I can hear a lark somewhere
Begin to sing about it
Theres no love song finer
But how strange the change
From major to minor
Every time you say

Theres no love song finer
But how strange
The change from major to minor
Every time we say goodbye

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time and Time Again

Sometimes some things are not what it seems? Usually it's like that, but who am I to argue? Life is what life is. It goes round and round.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If You've Been Wondering What I've Been Doing.. :)

I spent a little time with family... (next to me's Carmelia)...
I went to the office (to work *ehmm ehmm*) with Amon.. and we had our own work space :)
I did some drawings.. (this is NOT it! I did this months ago lol)..
... and I attempted a bit of this~.. (sewing)... not done yet.. no time to finish.. :(
Oh yeah.. and yesterday I went hiking and got myself a sprained ankle on the way down. UGH!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's view today's reading.. (15-12-2009)

mmmhhhmmmm....mhmmmm...uhuh... okayy.... :Pbila gik duit nak masok??? =.= boleh le.. hehehe... :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Points to Consider

1) Sleeping hours -- EARLY
2) Eating portion -- SMALL
3) Work out hours -- INCREASED
4) Mood -- POSITIVE 24/7
5) Spending -- REDUCED

Anything else? I'll update soon!

Friday, December 11, 2009


B-E, A-G-G, R-E-S-S-I-V-E!
This photo was taken this morning. I found these pair while I was trying to find my other skirt (was late for work!) lol. Sempat~ :P

Remember those things you did in secondary school. Those little tiny things that some of us might regret now, some might just laugh it all, and some would actually be proud over it. This is mine. Hehe. I kinda miss my team mate. This morning I found my cheerleading uniform (lalu la reminiscing kejap tek). Cheerleading was so short-lived in our school. There were no support to prolong the activity. But I remember that Mr Tan (our secondary school principal then) was so supportive of us (or was he just indifferent over it? lol). For this blogpost, I'm just going to tag those cheerleader members from not just our team, but also those from other teams. :D If I missed some of the names, please tell me. I think I'd want to include your names here. And I think it'd be best if you have the complete photo of the teams. I'd love to post it in here as well :)

Good Morning~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

21 Types of Negative Friends

Does being a bad friend make you a BAD FRIEND?

This image here is of a book I think :P I googled for it~ ngehehe..

I actually got this from a magazine (was it herworld or female or marie claire? I don't remember) But can get a glimpse of it here: "When Friendship Hurts" by Jan Yager.. (title nya ya emo eh!)

Nobody's perfect, so I think I am these:

2. The Taker Borrows (I almost always loses my friends' things~ Sorry, Munee --CD and DVD *sobs*)

5. The Self-Absorbed (Especially when I am busy with studies/work... I feel like I've done this to Mai lately :( )

12. The Downer (This WAS me. Not anymore. Things have changed me to become better I guess? CONFIDENCE baby, CONFIDENCE!~ Kesian Aizud, my mangsa emo... and Saiful too sometimes :P~ Love you two! )

15. The Loner (NOT ALL THE TIME. Just when I need the space. I can't even be with Chee Sin then... I bet nobody ever notices much... at least I hope that they don't :O )

16. The Blood Sucker (Chee Sin, I'm your girlfriend, yet I am not THAT overly dependent~ :P just trying to make a point here.. :P )

17. The Therapist (kadang2 ingin nak rasa smart ba LOL, I'd only do this when friends are willing to utilise my service :D)

21. The Caretaker (WAS. Naby suka bully me. Whatever~ lol. 21's my favourite number ;) )

heehee... do you think I am any of the rest? TELL ME!!!~~ Because through self-evaluation, I can't really feel the rest :D

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

First Day at Work!

The pictures taken weren't from work itself though,... it was taken during lunch time. Best aie, because I didn't know that Ezra and Al-Azfar was like working nearby. Mun gitok, ada la lunch buddy!! heehee.. :D And yea.. Amon suroh upload cepat2 so that Liyana will check it out and makin rindu him. Liyana! I'm like so ingga here!!! LOL... xx

OK OK.... I've gotta go do work now :D



I do think that 17 year old Taylor Lautner is hot.... what HE HE-ed me was this part: "... and Taylor Swift Barbie is sold seperately." HE HE. Gago kali jak :P

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Trust Me...

... This Is...

A D E S P E R A T E C A L L F O R H E L P !
"My gift is my song
And this one's for you
And you can tell everybody
That this is your song
It maybe quite simple
But now that it's done
Hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you're in the world"
Tell me which girl will not fall for this. One important thing that any girl would expect in a relationship is to be appreciated (although I know that we would rather have guys know about this themselves, kan?~ seems more magical that way, lame, but where's the fun without that mystery, kan?). Picture a guy who sees all the best things about her behind her arrogance, stupidity or naivety... I strongly feel that guys seek for the same thing as well... but they are always afraid to admit it, and mostly too dumb to realise it... oh well, your loss :P
I better start praying now. God Bless~

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Let us see if this will work....

Reminiscing the times when the 'parents' of my family would sit together with the younger ones talking about what they wanted to do when they were younger led me to think: "Do I want to ONLY talk about what I always wanted to be when I have childern one day?" ~ Because you know how people always say that "Talk is Cheap!" If you really want to do some thing, forget about the possibilities of failures that are about to befall you, since you know that when you fall, there will always be a reason for you to jump back up when you want to right? So where am I now? I just recovered from fever. I am done with final exams that I am hoping so badly to pass (Please, God, Please make sure that I pass all!), and I have so many things that I want to do, that is actually waiting for me to choose which to do first.
Motivation? I need self-motivation. I have family and friends who believe in me (maybe not all, but most of them could see what I see). Money? Boleh dicari. I can start selling things as soon as I wish to, right?

Should I think over on this?

It was..

an excrutiating pain. betol sik spell ya? I'm very tired and sick.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Maybe I am an Ego Maniac... So?

I do not care about what was lost.
I do not want to know what happened to the rest along the roads of the past.
I do not regret, as much as I would have been earlier after failures.
I think experiences make a person, and so I am now.
I do not turn back to the past.
I am strong and I believe that I am good enough for the future.
If there were scabs, hurt and pain, after awhile, I will heal myself with the faith I have.
I think patience strenghthens my beliefs.
And my strongest belief is in God.
I am beautiful.
I am strong.
I believe in Love, Knowledge and being true to myself.
Forgiveness would be the hardest thing to give...
But when you give one person a chance, then maybe you can change the world... bit by bit.
I am after all, human
Like you, and you, and you.
I can't simply avoid mistakes that cannot be undone.. and so can't you.
You might not be able to resist negativities, and so can't I.
But the world is round, and with the existence of Gravity:
What goes up, must eventually come down~
Philosophy to me is nothing more than the years and years of observation.
We learn from it.
We live it everyday.
So don't question me about my egoism.
This is me. I choose to be this way.
What you are, is then up to you.
And this Life is Beautiful.
Thank you, God.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not Feelin' Too Good

Feels like dying. My heads in pain, my whole body's as if it is numb. I have too much to do, and I can't afford to be SICK~ feckaroo~ :(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sidney Sheldon novels!

2005 - The Other Side of Me
2004 -
Are You Afraid of the Dark? : A Novel (Sheldon, Sidney) (read)
1999 - Bloodline (read)
1999 -
Sidney Sheldon 2-In-1: The Naked Face/the Stars Shine Down (read both at the same time)
1997 -
The Best Laid Plans (read)
1995 -
Morning Noon and Night (read)
1990 -
Memories of Midnight (read)
1989 -
Rage of Angels (read)
1985 -
If Tomorow Comes (read)
1984 -
Naked Face (read)
1980 -
Rage of Angels (read)
1977 - Other Side of Midnight (read)
Master of the game (read)
Night of the Fox and Windmills of the Gods
Windmills of the Gods
The Doomsday Conspiracy
Stranger in the Mirror (read)
The Sky Is Falling (read)
Nothing Lasts Forever (read)
Tell me your dreams

~~I am going to the bookstore for the his novels i've not read, after finals, of course!~~ :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Listenin' to Incubus's 'Here in My Room',.. while doing this quiz... Worrying about Finals! ~

Dear Sara Nadia Suib, below are your PSYCHOLOGY PERSONALITY test result:

  • You love the crowd... a party animal! Too many “friends”, you can’t easily tell which among them is real and not...
  • You hide your emotions... Sometimes pretending to be always happy. Sometimes, not giving even a hint of what you really feel.
  • You search for love... you’re a hopeless romantic and every time you enter a relationship, you give your all and believe “this is the One.”
  • You have so many ideas in mind... You’re creative and aggressive! If you want something, you’ll do anything to get it!
  • You’re a stubborn sweetheart... You “love” him/her only because he/she loves you. If his/her flame puts out, you let go with no trouble.
  • You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated. You gain praises but not companions.
  • You’re independent! You’re also risky just like the bajaken who sail in the vast and dangerous ocean to look for treasures!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Plan lepas Finals...

1) jual baju yang tidak dipakai lagi
2) kumpol duit
3) cari jalan untok menjamin masa depan~

Title: After Finals Plans
1) sell clothes are not used anymore
2) save money!
3) find ways to ensure a secured future


Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's just one of those days, that you don't want to wake up...

... everything is *toot*... everybody sucks! AHAHA. Goodness me, I feel like crying again. What is wrong with me? I've got no reason to feel sad... yet here I am, trying to resist myself from shedding a tear..
Oh, everything that surrounds me, plus my own condition right now, they're making me feel even worst. Everything at home seem so... down, blue, sad, tired, angry.... in short, all those unnecessary sickening thoughts. I can't cry, and I totally can't get sick now. I want to do my best this time 'round! <3

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricky Tricky by Lou Bega

Whatever happened to lou Bega?

Friday, October 30, 2009


Modern Clothier? How?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I want to DO IT! VERY BADLY....--> http://catwalkgenius.com

I Wish I Brought My Cam Today!!

Ok, so I'm watching my classmates presenting their final report for e-Commerce right now. They are so good at it, that I'm feeling intimidated by the stuff that they have. omG. They are so good at it. I wonder how I'm going to embarass myself in 2 weeks time... :'(
I have to keep this in mind:

"Being intimidated will make things worst; So prepare all you can, and go all crazy with confidence!"

*kiss, kiss*


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The things he says

Ok, I am that typical female analysing every words and movements that people make. I hope my boyfriend won't freak out when he reads this.
I believe that we can read a person by taking note of what he/she is saying, and through the way they speak. I might be wrong, but all these here, are just a part of my own observation as a 'sometimes' quiet individual. To move on, let us focus on the two things I mentioned earlier that you should take note on: the words that are being said, and the way they are said.

Please do take note that if there are anyone out there reading this, who may be offended by some of the stuff I'm babbling about here, I am just doing this for the sake of... I don't know... "to kill boredom before I start with some academic reading, after having to listen to some old Destiny's Child's tracks... (eg: "Can you pay my bills?"~ Bills, Bills, Bills)". lol.

So here goes...

When a guy talks bad about you (the girl) from the back, 2 probable reasons that may contribute for this to happen might be:
a) he's offended with some thing that you've done... or
b) he wants you, but he doesn't know how to get you.
  • He would say something like. 'I can't stand her bitching about people all the time' (usually guys won't bother unless if 'it'[her bitching] had affected him)... and
  • 'She's okay, but I find her boring,' (sometimes, he will actually mean it, but look closely, sometimes there might be other meanings attached to it).
When he mumbles to you something that you could barely understand (well, he's mumbling, bah!), in a way, this guy's trying to tease you OR maybe, he's just afraid that he may get rejected. Lol.
For example:
  • 'Would you jjrrr jrjr...me?' (translation: would you go out with me?)~ he's trying to invite you out, but he doesn't have the guts to do so.
  • *he whispers*: 'Be my date', and then when you ask him to repeat what he said again clearly, he'll tell you that he was only talking to himself.
Other than that, Mr Man may tell you a lot of things about himself, he might open up to you on things, but he may also say something that could mean another. I am such a typical female. Lol.

Some guys might be really open on things. This may be caused by his confidence. Confidence is not really ego. Ego is when a person believes that he/she is right -- almost all the time, and he/she is so right that his/her beliefs should become a standard for other people. Annoying eh. Confidence, on the other hand, can be related to ego and pride. Confidence is when one knows that he/she is the best, and he/she is very proud of it. It's a good thing actually, because I believe that the people from this group have less to be sad about, because they're selfish.Thus they have little to worry about, and more to be happy about. And God knows that I want to be 'that' badly, but I can't. I guess it's about being positive. Lol.

So when a guy confidently tells you everything (all the good things) about himself, he's actually trying to offer himself to you. HAHAH. No, I'm just kidding. He's actually testing you, and he's trying to get it out of your mouth that you want him the way other girls would want him as well. He'll tell you that he can read you from the 'flickers' in your eyes, or the giggles in your voice, or even the excitement in your words. But when he gives up, he knows but well enough that he's worth more than to just wait for your acceptance (reply to his offer~ LOL. macam contracting jak).
Examples include:
  • 'Darling you have the best looking eyes,'...wait for a few minutes or seconds,after a brief talk about something else, '... and girls always approach me when they spot me alone.' He seriously can't help it but to make you notice that he's something you cannot resist.
  • Sometimes, this dude might tell you, 'I can help you with *this&that*', because he knows that he can do anything, and that he has everything.

Next is Mr Opportunist. He's not my ideal man, but when being opportunistic could benefit me, I won't mind much. Lol.

Opportunistic guys won't hide much of his opportunistic manner from you. Once he had charmed you with sweet words and his so-called commitment, he'll slowly ask for things from you. Examples are as exhibited:

  • He will start by asking you: 'Babe, can I borrow *little stuff* from you?' Then...
  • 'Honey, I am going to do *something very important~ coughs: lies*, can I use your *significant stuff*'. OHOHO... If he's that guy, RUN, Babe, RUN! Next thing you know, he's with some other chick, taking hold of you *significant stuff*~ eg: car.

There are no such thing as Mr Right, because Mr Right might be Mr A-Lot-of-Things-You-Don't-Know-Yet.

Mr So-Called-Right might tell you that you are the one. And if you're me, you'll ask yourself again and again... 'Am I?'. He will tell you that he prefers you to be that good girl all the time, so that he can sneak on to the other side when you're still focused on the 'good side'. Lol. Funny, but some people, like myself, can't take dishonesty, so I reject to the notion that you have to be an angel to take hold of a Mr Right. No Siree~ it doesn't work that way. With an open and positive mind, you'll be surprised to see the truth that's been there all the while. I'm not complaining (if you think so, it's up to you. lol), I am just explaining my perception on things like this. I mean, when you commit yourself in a relationship, you should already know that the foundation of such thing is trust, right? Then why lie, and wait to get caught? Lol. Better tell the truth, whether you're having a huge crush on your bestfriend, or that you still miss your ex. Things could work out when the truth is known.

Next category of guys I can think of now is, Mr Flirt. He's good with words, he's super friendly, BUT he's got his own barrier that separates you and him. He will tell you a million good things about you, and he'll make you feel like you're the best-looking person on the face of the earth, but he will never leave out that he's just another guy who is not interested in you. And one thing that will make you super comfortable interacting with him is that he'll make fun of you everytime after he praises you. He knows that he means it ;P . Playing hard-to-get ah, you? Lol. But these group of guys are super nice to have around, especially if they are good-looking. Wouldn't you want to have such friend? Lol.

Possible signs that he loves you is when he:

  • doesn't get tired of you nagging all the time
  • will always try to be the only guy that you can depend on
  • gives you a lot of sufficient advice
  • will help you tell between what is right and what is wrong (and you yourself should know what both are, so that you can detect if he's right)
  • offers you his help, because he'd hate not to heroic. lol
  • never regret being a fool for you.

In conclusion: I don't know if I'm right, but it's great to let things out like this. hehe.

Monday, October 26, 2009

So what do you do?

Hey Hey. Here I am again. I am disappointed with myself. But yeah, let go of the past, embrace the present as we reach for the future.
I've got lots to do. None of them won't be hard if I could just start doing them now. I will and I'm not going to stop. I miss Sin. I shouldn't say that, because it'd be against my egoistic code to say that. But yeah, I miss him. He's been super sweet despite my own condition these days. How could he have survived that?

I couldn't do things because I was scared. I was scared. Am I still afraid now? Let us hope I'll be over this foolishness.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

(If You're Wondering If I Want To) I Want To

By Weezer
The moon was shining on the lake that night
The Slayer t-shirt fit the scene just right
Through smeared mascara,
I looked into your eyes and saw a light

You told me stories about your chickadees
They didn't like BB guns and stupid archery
You charmed the lifeguard he let them use the pool all day for free

Then the conversation stopped and I looked down at my feet
I was next to you and you were right there next to me then I said

Girl, if you're wondering if I want you to
I want you to
So make a move, 'cause I ain't got all night

The rest of the summer was the best we ever had
We watched Titanic and it didn't make us sad
I took you to Best Buy, you took me home to meet your mom and dad

Your mom cooked meatloaf even though I don't eat meat
I dug you so much, I took some for the team
Your dad was silent, his eyes were fixed on what was on TV

Then the conversation stopped and I looked down at the ring
Your folks were next to you and you were right there next to me then I said

Girl, if you're wondering if I want you to
I want you to
I swear it's true,
without you my heart is blue
Oh, oh, ah, oh

Girl, if you're wondering if I want you to
I want you to
So make a move, 'cause I ain't got all night

So much pain may come my way
Then may come a day when we have nothing left to say

When the conversation stops and we're facing our defeat
I'll be next to you, and you'll be right there next to me then I'll say

Girl, if you're wondering if I want you to
I want you to
I swear it's true, without you my heart is blue
Oh, oh, ah, oh

Girl, if you're wondering if I want you to
I want you to
So make a move, 'cause I ain't got all night

P/S: :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Demotivated Mind

Slow. That's one feeling I am having right now. Motion seems slow as well. I am fairly demotivated. I have to get over it. I don't have time to feel sad or lonely or sorry for myself or anyone at all. Where the hell did that strength hilang?


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Practice what you Preach

So here, I am going to enforce my preaching. I will, hereby, Practice what I have been preaching. I will keep on thinking positive. I will be hardworking (oh susah mok cakap if i barely mean it). I will be strong. I will be good, and never care about what other people's been saying about the stuff I did or the I'm doing because I know that I am doing the right thing! :D Hopefully, things will be better in time!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Friday Again~

It's Friday again, and I'm having mixed feelings of relief, confusion and stress... Impossible, right? But it's so. I am relieved that I'm done with CI assignment, I'm confused about the things that people have been doing, and I am very stress that I've got so many other stuff to start on right after today.
It's Friday again, and I hope that God is listening to my pleas right now: Help me stay positive, O God. Help me stay focus. Help me to succeed in life, and help me escape the unnecessaries.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I want to type something here. But my neck's killing me. And due to the neck pain, I am developing a fit. This fit is preventing my brain from functioning the right way. I am in pain. I am not supposed to be sick. I wish I could pull my head off, and take of this neck for awhile. So that I can continue reading boring discussions and rulings.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Keluargaku, Di Aidil Fitri <3

I miss these people! I am so glad that they came back for Eid even if I couldn't find much time with them, then though~ Looking through these photos, I wished I spent more time with them... but it's okay... sik lamak gik! :D

Whatever it is, I hope that they know that I love them, and that I'm missing them BADLY! <3



Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Greeting, Overdue: Selamat Hari Raya Everybody :)

Di Hari Raya ini....
I did not actually get to enjoy much of it... But I'm still glad that I have my friends and family around to make it happen... This is a photo of Jojo, Zachary and Isaac. I'm not sure when they took this one, I just stole it from Jojo's Photo Album on FB. HEHEH...

Here, this photo here was taken by someone, aku pun sik sure siapa... using Louis' camera~ heheh.. Ya Louis gik gago makan ya, sebelah Saiful, opposite Asy and Eka... Also in the photo: Julian, Aizuddin, Mas, Bono, Davisa, Amanda, Nappy and yang sorang gik I'm not sure who... where was I? camwhoring in the next room, with Gwen... ehhehe!

Ini dia, buktinya... This is one of the many photos taken using Gwen's cam. cantik ho? :)
LOOKY, LOOKY! Inilah traditional group photo pada hari yang mulia tersebut...... Please do note that Donald ada gik pose pelik2, as usual.. di ekot oleh Louis Lai.. Also in the photo: Anna, and Aisya :)
~ Selamat Hari Raya to All! :) ~
P/S: Sorry if I have not been able to visit your houses yet. I had to do my assignment, studied for test that I sat for yesterday, and spent only little time with most of my cousins.. sad eh... I'll make it up to you all, I will try! :D
Time to continue with delayed schoolwork gik!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Lines That Read My Thoughts

"...But I promise you this,
I'll always look out for you...
...My heart is yours.
It's you that I hold on to.
That's what I'll do.
But I know I was wrong,
And I won't let you down..."
(Sparks, by Coldplay)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why am I still here?

Okay. I am panicking. I have no good reasons to do so, but I am. I am trying hard not to doze off in class (oh, tipu. I'm not even tired knowing the fact that I woke up at 4.40am for breakfast just now), or am I just leading myself to procrastination -- again! sheesh.
All right. I have mighty loads of things to do and slowing down now or doing anything else, but what I am supposed to is won't help me in anyway.
So, excuse me, Blog... I need to squeeze out my creative brain..

*kiss, kiss*

That Lonesome Day

Eyes were on the ground
As my head was facing down
Tears trinkled through
With my cries, did not resound.
No one would ever know
None would ever go.
But I'm thankful that this is done,
that lately, I had learnt to run.
Running was never, ever my field
Since running would turn my way back there
The world is round, as we might know..
So, running around to me, means stay.
Probably, there are some issues
Perhaps, there are also dues
But somehow I manage to find my route
That knowing every day,
and in every way...
I'll be better in time
And I will work, I would bleed
Just to get away, away from that need.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

~The Mind Gym~

Issue 124 - Take the Leap Feedback (My Recipe for Leaping out of Bed and into Work)

Autonomy / independence
Your profile suggests that your top ingredient, or anchor, is autonomy / independence. This means that what you need most from your career is the chance to define your own work in your own way. Above else, you need a sense of freedom. Positives Some traditional organisational jobs allow a great deal of this kind of freedom, but often people with this anchor opt for self-employment or for jobs that are highly autonomous - such as freelance consultants, setting up independent small businesses or field sales. At your best you:
  • Can offer potential employers the complete package: what needs to be done, how to do it and when.
  • Don't need close supervision to get things done. You're already on the case.
  • Are more flexible and so can offer creative solutions to tricky problems.

What to watch out for

You may be reluctant to leave an organisation that allows you flexibility regarding when and how to work. Opportunities for promotion or advancement may be turned down by you in order to retain autonomy. What you might try For you, freedom is paramount. Try these tips below:

  • Consider your present job. Does it offer sufficient autonomy? What specifically in your career allows you some independence?
  • How can bring more autonomy into your role at work?
  • What opportunities satisfy your need for independence outside of work? Is there any way you can turn your outside interests into a career.
  • If you really can't see any way to bring more autonomy into your present role, what other types of work would provide you with a better sense of freedom?

And now the science bit

In a study of 28 hospital cleaners (Wrzesniewski, 1997) with the same official job description it was found some cleaners saw it as a means to earning money (a job), others a way to become a supervisor (a career) and others saw themselves as playing a critical part in healing patients and anticipating the needs of the doctors (a calling). So, like any job, hospital cleaning can be all three - a job, a career or a calling. A job is what you do this for a pay cheque. You do not seek other rewards from it. It is just another means to an end. And when the wage stops, you quit. A Career entails a deeper personal investment in work. You mark your achievements through money, but also through advancement. When the promotions stop, you look elsewhere for gratification. A Calling is when you have a passionate commitment to work for its own sake. Individuals with a calling see their work as contributing to the greater good. The work is fulfilling in its own right without regard for money or advancement. The research demonstrates that, it's not the job description or the day-to-day tasks that give people a sense of working in a calling. Rather, it is how the person perceives what they do, whether their role provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose and how they view the impact their role had on a greater cause.

Edgar Schein developed 8 life anchors that reflect our basic values, motives and needs. Of the 8 anchors there are usually one or two that we won't give up. Knowing what these are is important because when choices have to be made our anchors come into play and become a driving force behind the decisions that we make. Our anchors evolve once we begin our working life and then generally remain stable across our adult life. Schein used the metaphor of anchor because once we know what our top two anchors are we track how these have floated with the different career paths we've taken throughout life. So just like an anchor we won't forgo this basic need however we use the insight to see how we can adapt our situations to be consistent with our anchors.

**Note: I got this from a quiz I did on themindgym.com.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The First Day of Ramadhan, 2009!

Hello, hello! Friends, family and anyone who's reading this~ Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!I had a nice Friday yesterday, and I felt joyful beyond belief! :P (too much there, k!) Magical Friday, it was. I feel blessed in every way.

Today, Saturday, happens to be the first day of Ramadhan this year, and yep, I am fasting! :) Guess what I've been doing last night. Something kept me up late... I think Sin was turned off by me not listening to the first half of our conversation. Okay, okay.. I did this:

No, dear. Not the drawing. I did the sketch last year, in July. I think I posted a sketch like this on in one of my blog postings. Whatever it is.. what do you think? exuve is this something that I just joined yesterday, to do some e-Commerce Strategy report (on Crowdsourcing). And I guess they required the participant to let them know the inspiration for the design. I submitted! But I'm not sure if it reached the site. I badly hope so. Sin said they're gonna steal my design and bla bla bla.. For now, I don't mind. This is part of my dream. I wanna succeed somewhere, but exposure might be the important thing for Step 1. Yep, I'm still in Step 1. Lol.

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak everybody, to all the Muslims and the non-Muslims! :) I love Malaysia. Hidup Perpaduan (Long live Unity!) Lol.. Thanks to Muneera Said, I became a crazy patriotic Malaysian. Okay, okay... lol

Until then,


Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love Anna Sui!!! :)

'You have to focus on your dreams, even if they go beyond common sense. How could this young girl from the suburbs of Detroit become a success in New York? It was always that dream.'
(Anna Sui, Anna Sui.com)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Help Me Find That Way

I believe there is no restriction for anything,.. if you want it bad. I want it bad. Why is there restriction to that? In this new world, is there any way that I can prove that I can do it? Again?

Problems, I have a lot. To get over them, will take a lot of effort. I am NOT going to simply accept a NO. NO WAY! I'm trying to figure out a way to get a YES. I will get it. I want it really badly. I have to get it no matter what. :(

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Why do I feel as though I know that Britney never loved KevFed, and was only with him to fill the void? I think she loves Justin and never got over it. KevFed never seemed like a man that is passionate enough to be loved, or could ever love.. LOL. just a thought.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Saya Terjumpa Ini Tadi

Not a fan, but this is quite interesting whether or not it is true...


Somewhere in Step 1...

click here (NO, no such thing as spam here; SERIOUSLY, I'm not Lying!)


Achievements? No sign of that yet.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

3 Lines: ...

  1. Remember the time when we were remembering? (Powerpuff Girls)
  2. Never say 'No' to yourself. (Heidi Klum)
  3. She is a genius. (Jet)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Uish, Not Fair! Or is it?

Is it true that proper girls can't make history? And that good girls go nowhere? I don't think I am one, but I know that I'm too lazy to care about all that. lol.
I want to change the world. I wish for it to happen everyday. But I'm just too lazy to care! And that is BADDDD! Bodoh ba,... there are a million things that I can do, and I am nowhere near to where I think and BELIEVE I belong.
Boring eh. I know that I can do well but laziness is drifting me away from my destiny. Maybe it's not just laziness.. maybe the fact that I'm lack of confidence plus that I've always been a shy person is adding to the reasons to why I am so unsuccessful (in my own way). That's bad. It's something like being kiasu, innit? I want to get over it. But how? HOW???
Probably I'm going to try something.. Let's see if this will work...
For future updates, please tune in to the next posting~ (macam la ada orang baca pun lol)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Naughty, Naughty Girl!

Gosh, I know what some might think with the title I've chosen for this post, especially coming from a girl my age..
No, darling. Don't even go there.. I'm about to tell a story today, through this blogpost. A story about my childhood experience, about being a lousy person that I've always been. And it's got to stop, though at times resisting it might be close too impossible.
When I was a child, my parents would tell me off when I misbehaved by telling me to not be 'naughty'. Then, I was always trying not to be mean to my little brother (Amon), or tried my best to do very, very well in school (kindergarten) and you know... all those!
Now, I'm back to wanting to become that kid, pushing away the nasties~, wanting to be competitive? (Eh, NO, I hate competing, maybe competing with my goals, but not with anyone else). I don't want to be 'naughty'. I don't want to be screwed up. I'm going to get through this, I'm not going to TRY anymore. NO MORE TRYING. <3

"Luke: All right, I'll give it a try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try."
(Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Slowly.... EXECUTE!

OK, I'm terrified here, all right! I have to do this. There is no turning back. I feel like blowing it off, but I can't. Not now, not AGAIN.
Of the many things I've given up, this should stay and WORK. No more giving up or turning back! I can't possibly do this to myself, AGAIN! NOT AGAIN! I believe in this, at least I should. I already have support and I can get guidance whenever I need one. All I need to do now is EXECUTE!
I can do this. This is my thing. Well, at least part of it.. I am doing this, and I'll try hard to push myself and not leave it astray like the rest of the things I believed in... in the beginning.. FUH.

This is IT.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

ONE Simple Thing. ONE Simple Reason.

I NEED to find that ONE thing that seperates me from all others. That factor that makes me unique, that makes me stand out from this simplicity. I NEED that REASON for me to realise that I do have hope. I can be better... I can be the BEST. But what is it? Where is it? What is it about me that is uniquely the BEST?
This semester, I'm planning to go on a quest to find that missing link in me... Wish me well :)

I want to do it.. With My Own Two Hands!

Firstly, before executing this.... JANGAN JADI MALAS! =.=" it's gonna be hard, but I will do it. I will.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Spending a Day as a Couch Potato :P aka MOVIE REVIEWS!

This morning, I woke up kind of late... and drove back to my mom's place to shower because there were men fixing Nini's windows at her home.
I was too lazy too get up once I got to mom's and went watching movies on Astro...
I got stuck watching 2 movies... that I didn't expect to be interesting! The first one was 'When Harry Met Sally' and the other one was 'Penelope'.
So, 'When Harry Met Sally' is about two people who had met earlier in their years, where Harry was about to hit on Sally and got with her best friend instead.... and then they've not met each other until years after that where both of them were already tied with their own respective spouse.. and that was when Sally remembered how annoying Harry was... and after like another 5 years.. they met up again, both single... and miserable.... and they became like best friends (so cute!) until..... like duh ... you know what happens next! hahahahah! dunwana spoil it for you (if you decide to check on it lol)...

All in all, this story depicts on what we call in real life -- Jodoh. Fate. Destiny... It captured me so much because knowing that if it is meant to be then it is... <3>

Pas ya tek.. 'Penelope' is a modern day fable that revolves around a girl with a pig's snout and ears! o tedah cerita ya.. Christina Ricci played Penelope and James McAvoy played the hero, Johnny Martin... AHHHH! James McAvoy is UBER HAWWWTTT! okay... i dunwana spoil the rest of the movie.. so... better go check it out yourself... happy indah lepas tengok movies ya... ehehhee