Thursday, February 21, 2008

awhile... and then some...

this is the time when i feel like i want to sing so badly. when my heart is aching and my soul is confused... but my throat is sore and i'm having a heavy migraine. i'm lost. i always am. i can't think the way i used to. some say that i'm going through a phase where i am becoming stronger than i have ever been. but am i?
a good friend just left us a few days ago... when he was alive i thought that i could read through him... why did i feel that way? i bet everyone of us felt the loss. i had cousins and friends from near and abroad telling me that even though they've not been too close with the deceased, they could somehow feel the hurt of losing a friend. he was a nice friend and will always be remembered. and may our prayers be with him always. al-fatihah.
for my family and friends out there whom i love so much. please remind yourself of what've happened in the past, learn it; what is here in the present, cherish it every moment; and what will happen to us in the future, God wills it, get ready for whatever it is to come. i love every one of you