Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just as I was about to be angry...

I was re-reading the last post I wrote before I did this one... I kinda got angry a bit... lol then this song resounded.. (Like a Star)... It's always the most soothing song... :) and I kinda forgotten why I was angry in the first place...
I can't wait for Froggie to get home already... I don't think I want to drive much these few weeks. I'm so tired of the stress.. It's been wearing me off ba... :( plus the things I've been going through these few weeks.. ugh.... I need to rest.
I've done a lot of wrongs, I think. I need to fix things now. I need to do things right, but where should I start? :/

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This morning at about 9 am, I was somewhere near TAKA, Satok waiting next to a yellow line in front of the bakery, calling Angie, minding my own business until a cream kelisa (plat number QKV 2070) suddenly reversed from my right side. The car was reversing so fast that I honked my car. I WAS SLOWLY REVERSING OKAY! The male Malay male driver was probably having PMS awal pagi giving me rude glares and expressions. Ya ku berik middle finger! Dah la TUA, RUDE AGIK YA! Is that what you want to show the younger generations? BITCH! I hope you'll find this blog article and think twice before you ever do the sxame mistake. Berik malu dirik jak.
So sambong cita, I was driving behind him and he stopped lagik with his stupid mean rude glare! so I drove next to his car and bukak window to confront him and asked what's up la he was like that. I wanted to tell him that I honked because I wanted to warn him that my car was behind his. AND THERE WAS ANOTHER CAR COMING FROM BEHIND. So yeah, it was kinda my fault that my car was waiting on the yellow line, but there was plenty of space for a SMALL KELISA to REVERSE K! Kuchingites, it happened in front of TAKA Satok K!!!!! neyda road ya kecik... for a KELISA! and you know what.. he called me BABI!!!!!!!!!! orang tua sik malu ya panggil me BABI, so I shouted to him back: BITCH! (with another middle finger!) muka kedak sial jak. Panggil aku Babi, tapi you look fatter than me you BITCH! muka bulat jak! I wouldn't be bitching about you if you approached me with proper rational way. BITCH~