Friday, September 26, 2008

Iron Irony

The clock is a heavy iron
ticking ever so loud.
Sometimes I have to wonder
dreaming above the clouds.
The rope for me to climb up there
is right in front of my face.
O why do I even care
I'm in a way better place.
The rain drops harder every day
I can never go out to play.
Although the Sun shines brightly then
well nobody could see the pain.
I'm standing here stationary
With my defected vocabulary.
Where do I go next?
If I refuse to climb up the clouds
And I would rather not turn left or right
Rooted like a tree with many pouts...
What should I do next?
damn it. it's hard to be an adult having to make decisions like one! YECH!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We all have thoughts...

  • I once thought that IMPERFECTION makes a PERSON... but DID YOU KNOW... that TOO MUCH of IMPERFECTION makes a PERSON ...... well..... LOUSY!!!
  • HAPPYNESS is based on WHAT YOU WANT! But for SOME... HAPPINESS is that feeling they GET from the SATISFACTION after they have FINISHED something TOUGH... or after a ROUGH journey... a COMPLETED task!
  • It is kinda true you know.. it's NOT the END of the journey that makes it WORTH WHILE... it is the PROCESS of the JOURNEY! Honey, THAT is what you call ADVENTURE!
  • PAIN and SADNESS makes up to LIFE. After a WHILE... you will LEARN that there is MORE to LIFE than YOURSELF! ...Probably AFTER THAT... you'll forget about IT all over again... ah, well.. WE ARE HUMAN AFTER ALL!!

I could fall for this easily.... <-- click! CLICK!!!! lol

That Haunting Laugh

'Laugh la,'
Said the cow,
'It's not like I've never been laughed at before.'
Heifer was her name
Now she doesn't know that word - shame,
Travelled through the meadow
Stepping on all lilies around her
As though there's nothing left to cover..
As though there's nothing left to shelter.
Go on my dear, Heifer
Have all that you want
Don't let yourself be done
'Til you get all that you want.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby, What Scares Me Most.

Baby, what scares me most
Is when I couldn't say it
I could never believe in it
and I could never leave it alone.
I could never leave it alone
I just want to keep it a stone
in my chest
in my mind
Because I, my dear,
promised to have the best
decided to change and not be blind
I want to never regret
never be sad
never make myself a burden to anyone I adore.
my mind should be set
to believe in something
nothing obsolete.
You'll know what I mean
Will you ever?
Time will tell, won't it?
I am but nothing to myself
but I've got to make this life meaningful
for I believe in ....
I don't know yet.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Road Rage (Catatonia)

If all you've got to do today is find peace of mind
come round
You can take a piece of mine
If all you've got to do today is hesitate
come here, you can leave it late with me
You could be taking it easy on yourself
You should be making it easy on yourself
Cos you and I kow, it's all over the front page
You give me road rage
Racing through the best days
And it's you boy driving me crazy
Thinking you may be losing your mind
If all you've got to prove today is your innocence.
Calm down, you're as guilty as can be
If all you've got to lose alludes to yesterday.
Yesterday's through.
Now do anything you please
Repeat Chorus
Space age, road rage, fast lane, minimum wage
Home late, upgrade, short-changed, golden age
Front page, lose face, handmade, space ache
Backstage, outrage, disgraced, maximum weight

Thursday, September 11, 2008

when u do it this time, do it right. don't cheat. no shortcuts. effort. truth. keep it steady

panjang lok title ya. haha. i'm on bed in the front room at Nini's. just chatted with cousins and a few friends tek. but i should be doing my assignments now. so i told them that i'm kinda busy.
ok, so tujuan kamek menulis blog today is because i'm scared of this person that i'm turning into. yeah, i'm happy. but probably i'm too happy.. in euphoria! sik bagus jak rasa.. i feel very insecured with myself. i dream too much. i've been playing too much.. and procratination? CUBA UDAH GIK! huh.. i want to tell this to someone, but i know that all they can come up with is: 'lek la... biasa la ya..', or 'sikda apa2 ya bah...cuba iboh think too much..' or... '..boring kau... mala jak!' yang last ya biasa nya dari munee or kakak la...i'm so fed up with my nonsense! *slap slap* dirik.. mesti bodo jak rupa ku polah dirik ku gia..erk...
eeeee... there's this really dumb feeling in the pit of my stomach!dah dgr lagu breathless and like a star over and over and over and over again..
yesterday i went out with my mom.. pegi shopping.. and i was like so in love with this baju and pants.. terus pakei.. it's always too easy for me..!!i feel guilty for not working hard for what i am getting... all these..!it is making me less human.making me feel unreal.. i want to be real. i am not sure if i am ever real. macam my life sikda effort jak. o God. help me become budak baik yang mengenang budi orang tua.. :( aduh. emo la me now.. sobs.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Look what I crossed upon.

A few days ago, I was reading through forum posts made by friends regarding how the Malaysian has adopted to the Internet usage for everyday life. I crossed upon a statement of one of a friend and he was talking about online security and privacy, and how to prevent children or youngsters to browse through sites they should not be viewing. He totally brought up the issues whereby the government had been keeping track on sites that might be political-sensitive rather than protecting children from all these...So far, I think I would rather shy away from all these political mumbo jumbo, but if these issues would push away the importance of our younger generations, then someone please.... WAKE UP, up there! These bunch of little people are the hopes of the future.. like halerrrr!!!!!! ~ don't you give me that 'whateverrrrr' sign! hmpht.. even India and China are trying to do something to block the unnecessary sites from reaching the little minds.. why won't you DO some'in?!!!
okie dokie then.. 've got chores to finish~ bubbye~

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

di bulan ramadhan ini...

Ingin bubur pedas.... *muka kempunan*

Not Another Beginning, I Don't Need Another Ending.

Looking at the past
Killing time and wasting breaths
Doing what I must
Putting on the a wider path
Where am I to go from here?
Where is the map to 'disappear'?
Not liking the situation and the sight
I want to let go of this pretty fright
Soon the corners on these sides
'll perform a scene and then collide
Soon the starting of the end
May begin again, I don't want it to end...

This Thing.

There is this Thing
Inside my Brain
It's torturing my heart, my sight
There is this Thing
I long to kill
I wish I have the guts for that

My lovely senses, now
Badly despaired
My ability
To actually care
There is this Thing
Inside my heart
It's nothing more than something vague

Like snakes-it curled around my neck
Like smoke, it's choking me to death
Like hope that'll never ever help
To overcome this raging stealth

So please do not disturb o Lad
For this is a sanctuary this is my bed
This pain is as though pillows to my head
This Thing is like shelter from Glad.