Sunday, December 19, 2010

YAYERRR! I'm finally a Sarawak Blogger toooo!!!!


Mojo Jojo

Watching the Powerpuff Girls with Zachary right now, while trying to sort out my work. Tell me if this is a curse or a blessing that I've been dumped with 3 persons' job over a duration of less than a week. Experience wise, I'd lack that, but I know I will be able to cope this after awhile... Yet, Christmas's coming... and it'll be quite hard to see me in a jolly mood this year~ ;'(

Friday, December 17, 2010

Out of Place. Out of Directions.

So please help me, God.

I am whining, and complaining or whatever it is you wanna call it. I cannot settle with second bests anymore, and I'll hate feeling second best. It gets tiring. It's wearing me off..

Let me enlighten you with my thoughts today; like what was mentioned earlier, I think I've been giving in a bit too much already. Swallowing my pride, and pretending that I'm all right has been killing me. I can tell all these stuff here and now, but nothing's gonna fix my pain. Nothing.

Shouting and screaming won't help. Suicide.. WHY? I hate getting that kind of attention, somehow you gotta stop this.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Charity Charity! Let us help feed others~

Good afternoon! At the moment, I think I've joined 3 organizations of which includes:
If you can see on the right of this blog, I've attached a few buttons you can click on to join me and many others to reach our goals to help feed those who are in need of our help. As for Girls Inc, on the other hand, is another organization that promotes something like "Girl Power" in the US and Canada, but I joined it anyway, because I am a girl, and I found the concept of this organization quite useful in order to help young ladies to become better and successful rather than being emo on the corner of a room hoping for miracles without working for it. :D I talk too much.

Come and join me weyy!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is probably not the best thing that I can do...

... but I do SING.

Creating Drama in the..

... Voice.. the intonations.. words can be deceiving.. but the volume and deliverance of speech can tell you a lot about what it is a person is actually thinking/feeling kan?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why the Blaming game SUCKS!

... because it will be ongoing and it will not solve any problems you or the other party are facing... living proof? --> watch the news la!

"It's not You, It's Me" ~ the Breakup tales

"It's not You, it's Me" he/she blurted out as though they've been practicing that line the whole day after you've made a special appointment just to meet him/her. That will happen in some cases, while half-way partying, in the living room of a shared apartment or even on the phone. They'll make it a point to come meet you to settle this matter, where most of the time it'll seem like an excuse he/she should never come up with, or other than that they've gotten enough of you already, or at times, where mysteries have it, they are in deep pain that they wouldn't want you to share it with em.

I'm a strong believer of love and I never put romance aside in this occasion. I believe that when you love somebody, you will stay with them no matter how ugly/nasty/stupid they are. You will stay with them through the best and worst moments, and will bear all pain if you have to as long as they would do the same for you. wahseh.. so emo... Of course there will always be a border to that. Relationship is about 2 people becoming 1, they'd always say. Maybe it is, because the important thing about a relationship is that you have to compromise to reach the similar goals you're trying to achieve - staying together. Fair enough that not everyone can take hold of their fate if they don't believe in it right? What is love without compassion, yo?

Breakups can be bad or good in many ways. I'm typing this down as though this topic was given to me by my Academic Writing lecturer back when I was doing foundation. LOL. It is debatable that breakup kills souls. I mean it will if you don't take it positively. For me, breakups can be somewhat motivational, especially when you've been making yourself believe that you're a super-loyal girl/boyfriend who would do anything to make the other half the most happiest person on earth (exaggerated? Mhmm~ but most of us will say so, right?)! Well looky here, by making him/her the happiest person on earth sometimes will take you to the toll. Some people are lucky enough to have met their true love who in return truly loves him/her. Some are lucky they never caught their other half red-handed doing things that they hope he/she will never do (ie: CHEATING! ~ biggest case k~), and some knows it but refuses to believe it.. like hallerrr..! It's time to wake up! Like he/she doesn't love you when he/she's like cheating! Some are forgivable.. others are best not to mentioned. Either way, my point is, when he/she does these thangsss~ he/she does not deserve you! And best of all, in realizing that, you should also note that you deserve better because you were the awesomest one between the two of you for being loyal, loving and cheer-maker (or cheerleader) just so that he/she will always happy!

So all my Honeys out there come out of the shadows of sadness and agony after your superbad breakups and let's always remember that there will always be a Mister/Miss Right out there waiting for you instead of that stinko of a jerk that's been fooling around with you and others. Once you've awaken from this terrible dream, you should join me feeling sorry for them for being victims of their own games.

To end this topic today, I would love to express that everything happens for a reason. Once you feel though you have failed/have been failed by someone... you should get up again and and build up better. Learn from your mistakes, and never blame others on the things that had happened in the past. Thank them because you know, what scratched you when you fell is just another proof that you've experienced something that you can afterwards avoid.

I'm so in PMS pain at the moment.

Love yah!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

Get On Board!

**Get these buttons on your blogs!! :)

The catchy phrase "Get On Board" reminds me of "Soul Train" from Disney Channel. A short singing show where children are on board a train dancing to really nice music by Genevieve and the train driver (I think). But yeah, this "Get On Board" campaign is spreading the words to the whole world in efforts to Stop Violence Against Children!
If you can see on the right side of my blog, I have installed a button that when you click, it will take you to its homepage. This campaign is by UNICEF and is supported by many many corporations and celebrities. Come on people! Let's all help spread the word on this~ We can make a difference in the lives of so many children.. though I hope to do more on this in a volunteering basis.. heheh~
It's happening everyday and in most every different ways... So please, please.. If you've witnessed or encountered any such events where beating and psychological abuse on kids~ TELL SOMEONE! Let someone know what's going on.
The future of our children will be the future of our world (sociologically, economically, and probably even politically ba!)~ So come on let's do something about it :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Last night I went to the Cinema with Chee Sin and Lee Sin.. We went watching MEGAMIND! It was yeah.. MINDblowing, k!

Comedic as it was, there were of course romantic touches here and there in the movie.. (yes i'm trying to spoil it before you watch this! HA-HA) like the time where Megamind was the not even the last one to be picked in when they were playing in school (or as he pronounced it,.. "Shool" LOL), or when he tried hard to win the hearts of people around him, but he failed to do so.. He's soooo cute... I actually thought he looked like Neil Patrick Harris there! HAHAHA~ but Will Ferrell played his voice, but then again, Will Ferrell is a genius when it comes to animation comedies.

Yeah, and so Megamind, the infamous crook realised that a Hero is not Born, but Made. He said it out loud, when he realised that without a superhero, being a villain is no fun.. lol~ So he made a superhero.. who turned EVILLLL~ lol

k la.. maybe i dont wana go off and spoil everything..

mua mua!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

the 7 years of 'Itch'

Nak nama gatal eh~

It's a Phase~ Or is it?


Friday, September 24, 2010

I Don't Want To Let You Go Lyrics

All the times you came to me and told me that you cared
I was dreaming of happy days that we both could share
Maybe I got too excited, and maybe you freaked out
Maybe I just have to call you up and scream and shout
All my friends tell me that i ought to play it cool
No one likes too much attention from a desperate fool
Still I don't believe that I could keep it all inside
When I see your pretty face I almost want to cry

I know it isn't right, but still I have to fight
I have to let you know, I don't want to let you go
The pain is killing me, but I can't let it be
I have to let you know, I don't want to let you go

I remember the days when I was stronger than a wall
Try as anybody might, they couldn't move me at all
Now I fall to pieces when you softly call my name
Going up in a moth within your flame
I have lost all hope for being normal once again
I will be a slave to you until the bitter end
Even if it's a hundred years before you change your mind
I will be here waiting girl until the end of time

I know it isn't right, but still I have to fight
I have to let you know, I don't want to let you go
The pain is killing me, but I can't let it be
I have to let you know, I don't want to let you go

I know it isn't right, but still I have to fight
I have to let you know, I don't want to let you go
The pain is killing me, but I can't let it be
I have to let you know, I don't want to let you go

**P/S: Sometimes we get too tangled up in other people's opinions, we wish we could have done the right thing, kan? OKAY! Meng-emo time!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Blankie

It's cold down here
This gown's so sheer
I'm longing for your warmth
You are my cheer
You kill my fear
But where are you now?

The softest touch
the warmest glow
you suddenly disappear

I miss you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


20K! you're killing me! :/

Friday, July 16, 2010

Too Doo~ Too Doo~

Humming down here.. in the living room, trying to inspire myself with the next great ideas.

ooOOoooOoo.. I think something just popped up! :D


More updates.. real soon~ muacks~


Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Busts Anyone?

Look what I found on the net!!! HAHAHAHA! I actually found it in this month's Female mag, and I terus googled to see if it is what I think it is~ HAHAHAHA!

Friday, June 11, 2010

HELP! :)

I've been sleeping in my mom's room and found bunch of fabrics in her wardrobe... Then somehow I thought of a few type of dresses that I might turn the fabric to....:



2) b. Should the sleeves be like the one on the left, or the one on the right?
These are the fabrics I found,.. but I guess I am allowed to choose either one only... (did I mention that my mom let me choose one to make a dress out of it? hehe):

So what do you think? The fabrics are soft and a bit see-through, but will look great if layered with another soft plain fabric with matching color inside... :)

Step1, Step 2, Step3,.....etc!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Let Me Tell You a Story, Baby

Let me tell you a story, Baby
Let me sing you the song
Just lie down next to me, Honey
Maybe then you'd sing along

I see how you dream oh Baby
As the light shines on you
I will make it come true, my Baby
This promise is for you...

Through the jungle, over the mountains
Above the clouds and under the sea
All these possibilities will come to be...

I see how you dream oh Baby
As you lie down beside me
Wishing is what I do now,
I'll make you see.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

How come?

So I was making a reservation for a room at Camp Permai a while ago, for my aunt. A girl answered and said that there were 2 cabins available on the date that I requested for reservation. Great, I thought. For RM270 per room, per night, that was an awesome offer I couldn't say no to... Wondering why she did not ask for more information about me, I knew I had to ask her how is it that I could pay for the room, to confirm the booking. She said, "It's okay, just come over to the premise on the day you had requested, and you can pay on that day." Great, I thought, so I left her my full name, and called my aunt to tell her the news. My aunt was glad to know about it, but something in me itches, I just know that something's not right, so I called back to ask the girl her name. Alas, a man answered and I told him that need to change the date of the reservation. Guess what? He said there are no rooms left for bookings... (and then after he made some typing noises in the background LOL.. classic!), .. he said, "We can give you a room, but you'd have to purchase the WHOLE package" (WHOLE package = 5 nights, which costs like RM3499 for 6 people, and additional heads would have to be charged RM350 each)... I'm a business student you idiot. If per night, a cabin is worth RM270, how can 5 nights it can cost up to RM3499? Don't tell me Camp Permai's business's going down... kan? RM270 times 5 nights equals to like RM1350. Goodness me, is that what you call a "package"? Unless if the room's air-conditioned, and we have a chauffeur for each guest, then I might consider. LOL. I kinda got pissed, and let my aunt call them instead.
And I kinda sent this inquiry to them as well.. How come? Why? Is it just because of Rainforest Festival that they are jacking up the price. Donkeys Fishing Chicken! Unfair bah~

Oh well. I can always drive over and drive back right after the show ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Perasaan Takut yang Tidak Boleh Dilawan~

TIPU! BULAK! You can defeat FEAR. I CAN. I am currently surrounded by so many things that are slowly choking me. Pushing me, PRESSURING me from various ways, various angles.

I am scared. I am full of fear. Full of fear to fail. I've learnt so much. But why can't I apply? I can, can't I? I will. I MUST, most importantly. I'm not a child anymore, and I can't afford to be that loser.

I want to lead. I want to know more. Help me, God. Push me to the right side. The right path.. I am a believer.. show me that I can do this. Amin.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME! ngehehehe!

Hey, it's my birthday again! S2 And I'm 15 years old young ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh so ACCURATE! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Reading? :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Male Friends I've Got to Have :)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rumblings, Mumblings, Blab blab blab!

I am in the dining hall with all my books and papers. I am very nervous and I'm trying to figure out how to achieve these things... I realise that I've been ignorant. Not entirely, but I have been ignorant enough to not apply what I know, what I've learnt. So I jotted down in my notebook

->Lack Experience? --> GAIN IT!
-> BUT HOW?!!

I can do a lot, but I'm just unsure about it. I know a lot.. and I can do a lot.. then again, I am lack of experience? Should I bend down and listen?~ Not a good idea.. Nobody will have the time to make me understand what's actually going on. I have to have the heart to absorb all these tiny matters. How can they not be well-organised when they have more experience than me? Aren't they scared of errors? How about late submission of documents? How can I contribute?

I got home to Nini's and heard about "Piagam Madinah" (or "the Medina Treaty") and I relate that with the Al-Qafiroon surah... and also the commotion in West Malaysia... the stuff that they did, they really don't needto go through all that, right? We are all human. We are all equal, the Treaty and surah strongly discourages us from fighting over silly stuff as this. So we believe in the same God, and the different religions that we believe in originate from the same part of the world... what is wrong with using the same word to call our God? Maybe, just maybe, we'd need to educate each other on this. Maybe we too should be educated to understand more about what we're not sure of... It's up to God who he favours. Today, a disbeliever (to our respective religions) may not understand or see what we have, but tomorrow we might not no.. So why the violence?
[more on the Medina Treaty/Constitution]

Just some thoughts I thought I needed to clear out...


Friday, January 15, 2010

The Underdogs Lyrics (Weezer)

Everything we fight for seems to get shot down
No one seems to notice; it's like we ain't around
They tear us into pieces and throw us here and there
No one knows how much we care
So much pain
So many tears
So much hurt
When we gonna learn? Oh
We got to give our best
And push until we break on through

We're shooting straight for the top
Our engine never will stop
This is our destiny
Nothing's too good to be
We know the score
We're gonna break down the door
You wish you were at lunch
This time we got a hunch
We're the underdogs

The people that we trusted really let us down
Everybody wants to fly and never hit the ground
They treat us like we're pieces in a parlor game
Leaving us to take the blame
We don't care
We don't mind
We won't come

When they call, oh
We're takin' what they give
Cuz we can rise above it all

Feeling the pain
Hearing the names
We struggle till we are broken
For all this hurt, we thank you


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not This. Not Now.

This is NOT the best feeling I've ever had. I don't like it at all. I feel kinda down and it Sucks!

How can I boost myself back UP?


Tuesday, January 05, 2010


If you're wondering what will disrupt our future, it's ignorance. Some people should learn to understand other people's culture before making a fuss of it. I mean, have you forgotten what was taught earlier in school? This may be a bit controversial, but if people do not widen their knowledge on certain things such as this one, we're gonna have to go through the uunecessaries all over again.