Sunday, May 02, 2010

How come?

So I was making a reservation for a room at Camp Permai a while ago, for my aunt. A girl answered and said that there were 2 cabins available on the date that I requested for reservation. Great, I thought. For RM270 per room, per night, that was an awesome offer I couldn't say no to... Wondering why she did not ask for more information about me, I knew I had to ask her how is it that I could pay for the room, to confirm the booking. She said, "It's okay, just come over to the premise on the day you had requested, and you can pay on that day." Great, I thought, so I left her my full name, and called my aunt to tell her the news. My aunt was glad to know about it, but something in me itches, I just know that something's not right, so I called back to ask the girl her name. Alas, a man answered and I told him that need to change the date of the reservation. Guess what? He said there are no rooms left for bookings... (and then after he made some typing noises in the background LOL.. classic!), .. he said, "We can give you a room, but you'd have to purchase the WHOLE package" (WHOLE package = 5 nights, which costs like RM3499 for 6 people, and additional heads would have to be charged RM350 each)... I'm a business student you idiot. If per night, a cabin is worth RM270, how can 5 nights it can cost up to RM3499? Don't tell me Camp Permai's business's going down... kan? RM270 times 5 nights equals to like RM1350. Goodness me, is that what you call a "package"? Unless if the room's air-conditioned, and we have a chauffeur for each guest, then I might consider. LOL. I kinda got pissed, and let my aunt call them instead.
And I kinda sent this inquiry to them as well.. How come? Why? Is it just because of Rainforest Festival that they are jacking up the price. Donkeys Fishing Chicken! Unfair bah~

Oh well. I can always drive over and drive back right after the show ;)