Thursday, November 29, 2007

Actually, it all started here...


X-Mas Trees!

I Love KCH!

:D a day out in KUCHING town!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Apa Reti Ya?

ok. what does 'tired of trying' mean? because that's what i think i am feeling right now. lol. leave that.
i just got back from mcD awhile ago. i'm dead tired and i wish that i'm out of kuching for the week. i'm really tired and frustrated about something. but i don't want to concentrate too much on my disappointments, because i believe that if i don't think about it too much, it'll just disappear. zachary's beside me now. he's one of the people in my life who could make me forget about whatever it is that i don't want to think about. skati la. kan?
i feel like abolishing all of my dissatisfaction right now, but it'd make this post all boring and lots of complaining, so i guess i'd just stop here. *muax*

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

now that it's over

i kinda miss the studying time spent with my friends... it was so much FUN! and i've been complaining about studying then... hahaha.. was done with my final paper this morning. i just couldn't wait to get out of the exam hall. i was all blank and i think i filled in whatever that was in my head just now. waahhh... i feel like an idiot when i drove off after that. with deep disappointment towards myself, i went to Nini's and dozed off on her bed in the kitchen. i'll just wait and see la.. what to do? lols.. anyways, i had dinner with athila and her family and esther and amanda last night. nyaman juak la.. then we went to iglool right before sending esther home.. heheh.. sekda apa2 gilak la... i just realised that i miss my friends so much... nang gilak2 eh.. including nora, jen, eve,... the guys... munee, kakak, dedek,... naby... isshhhh.... i think i'm emo now. pa jak la!!
right now, i think i should do something worth my time. probably like contribute something to the community, especially children... sapa2 mok join aku beli gifts for 'Love in a Box', please call me.. or just buat if you think u want to. ~LoVe n KisSes~

Photos taken after dinner lastnight.. :D
(from above to bottom: (i) me and esther, (ii) jojo and manda, (iii) manda and i)

Friday, November 23, 2007


View from Jen's room...

Concentrate on the sky and clouds... look closely...

Strange Reflection - Hallo Miss OffBeat

i'm looking at myself and i feel like i'm so strange... like of all people, vanity does not suit me at all.. i am vain, but it's not me. i guess that's why i hate to look at myself in the mirror and do all those rasa cute pose... ish... i wish that i am. lols.
sometimes i think that i'm so boring i don't even make sense. half of the people i know can't seem to find joy talking to me... but why? i'm very dull. that's how evaluate myself. ish... i wish that i'm an interesting chatterbox. i've not much to talk about with people, because i know only few people.. and all i can talk about most of the time is myself (pls note that i'm doing it right now... and all through this blog you'd find stuff i wrote about me jak..)
anyways, i'll find more time talking about myself again after the two other papers i have to sit for this monday and tuesday, and if there's anyone reading this, please pray that i'll get through this semester with flying and dancing colours... and i'll love you forever and ever and ever...lols.. muacks!

Today's WHOAS!!!!

The view from toll bridge.... :D romantic ehhh.... lolsss....

The view of the moon from Topspot!

Guess where I was then...

Sikda HASIL?

The moon zoomed....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

my to do list :)

1) get well a.s.a.p.
2) study study study study
3) group study
4) ask for exercises from dearest classmates
5) pray pray pray pray
6) go work out so that i wont get sick anymore
7) get ready for finals
8) get over finals
9) get ready for HOLIDAY!
10) get ready to hold on to life (results pun keluar...)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

what will happen?

i wish that i could be blind folded from all the crap that i shouldn't see. i wish that i could be one of those lucky people. wishing. that's all that i can do now. wishing.

Sunday, November 04, 2007