Sunday, August 30, 2009

What did you think I was doing?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why am I still here?

Okay. I am panicking. I have no good reasons to do so, but I am. I am trying hard not to doze off in class (oh, tipu. I'm not even tired knowing the fact that I woke up at 4.40am for breakfast just now), or am I just leading myself to procrastination -- again! sheesh.
All right. I have mighty loads of things to do and slowing down now or doing anything else, but what I am supposed to is won't help me in anyway.
So, excuse me, Blog... I need to squeeze out my creative brain..

*kiss, kiss*

That Lonesome Day

Eyes were on the ground
As my head was facing down
Tears trinkled through
With my cries, did not resound.
No one would ever know
None would ever go.
But I'm thankful that this is done,
that lately, I had learnt to run.
Running was never, ever my field
Since running would turn my way back there
The world is round, as we might know..
So, running around to me, means stay.
Probably, there are some issues
Perhaps, there are also dues
But somehow I manage to find my route
That knowing every day,
and in every way...
I'll be better in time
And I will work, I would bleed
Just to get away, away from that need.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

~The Mind Gym~

Issue 124 - Take the Leap Feedback (My Recipe for Leaping out of Bed and into Work)

Autonomy / independence
Your profile suggests that your top ingredient, or anchor, is autonomy / independence. This means that what you need most from your career is the chance to define your own work in your own way. Above else, you need a sense of freedom. Positives Some traditional organisational jobs allow a great deal of this kind of freedom, but often people with this anchor opt for self-employment or for jobs that are highly autonomous - such as freelance consultants, setting up independent small businesses or field sales. At your best you:
  • Can offer potential employers the complete package: what needs to be done, how to do it and when.
  • Don't need close supervision to get things done. You're already on the case.
  • Are more flexible and so can offer creative solutions to tricky problems.

What to watch out for

You may be reluctant to leave an organisation that allows you flexibility regarding when and how to work. Opportunities for promotion or advancement may be turned down by you in order to retain autonomy. What you might try For you, freedom is paramount. Try these tips below:

  • Consider your present job. Does it offer sufficient autonomy? What specifically in your career allows you some independence?
  • How can bring more autonomy into your role at work?
  • What opportunities satisfy your need for independence outside of work? Is there any way you can turn your outside interests into a career.
  • If you really can't see any way to bring more autonomy into your present role, what other types of work would provide you with a better sense of freedom?

And now the science bit

In a study of 28 hospital cleaners (Wrzesniewski, 1997) with the same official job description it was found some cleaners saw it as a means to earning money (a job), others a way to become a supervisor (a career) and others saw themselves as playing a critical part in healing patients and anticipating the needs of the doctors (a calling). So, like any job, hospital cleaning can be all three - a job, a career or a calling. A job is what you do this for a pay cheque. You do not seek other rewards from it. It is just another means to an end. And when the wage stops, you quit. A Career entails a deeper personal investment in work. You mark your achievements through money, but also through advancement. When the promotions stop, you look elsewhere for gratification. A Calling is when you have a passionate commitment to work for its own sake. Individuals with a calling see their work as contributing to the greater good. The work is fulfilling in its own right without regard for money or advancement. The research demonstrates that, it's not the job description or the day-to-day tasks that give people a sense of working in a calling. Rather, it is how the person perceives what they do, whether their role provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose and how they view the impact their role had on a greater cause.

Edgar Schein developed 8 life anchors that reflect our basic values, motives and needs. Of the 8 anchors there are usually one or two that we won't give up. Knowing what these are is important because when choices have to be made our anchors come into play and become a driving force behind the decisions that we make. Our anchors evolve once we begin our working life and then generally remain stable across our adult life. Schein used the metaphor of anchor because once we know what our top two anchors are we track how these have floated with the different career paths we've taken throughout life. So just like an anchor we won't forgo this basic need however we use the insight to see how we can adapt our situations to be consistent with our anchors.

**Note: I got this from a quiz I did on

Friday, August 21, 2009

The First Day of Ramadhan, 2009!

Hello, hello! Friends, family and anyone who's reading this~ Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!I had a nice Friday yesterday, and I felt joyful beyond belief! :P (too much there, k!) Magical Friday, it was. I feel blessed in every way.

Today, Saturday, happens to be the first day of Ramadhan this year, and yep, I am fasting! :) Guess what I've been doing last night. Something kept me up late... I think Sin was turned off by me not listening to the first half of our conversation. Okay, okay.. I did this:

No, dear. Not the drawing. I did the sketch last year, in July. I think I posted a sketch like this on in one of my blog postings. Whatever it is.. what do you think? exuve is this something that I just joined yesterday, to do some e-Commerce Strategy report (on Crowdsourcing). And I guess they required the participant to let them know the inspiration for the design. I submitted! But I'm not sure if it reached the site. I badly hope so. Sin said they're gonna steal my design and bla bla bla.. For now, I don't mind. This is part of my dream. I wanna succeed somewhere, but exposure might be the important thing for Step 1. Yep, I'm still in Step 1. Lol.

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak everybody, to all the Muslims and the non-Muslims! :) I love Malaysia. Hidup Perpaduan (Long live Unity!) Lol.. Thanks to Muneera Said, I became a crazy patriotic Malaysian. Okay, okay... lol

Until then,


Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love Anna Sui!!! :)

'You have to focus on your dreams, even if they go beyond common sense. How could this young girl from the suburbs of Detroit become a success in New York? It was always that dream.'
(Anna Sui, Anna

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Help Me Find That Way

I believe there is no restriction for anything,.. if you want it bad. I want it bad. Why is there restriction to that? In this new world, is there any way that I can prove that I can do it? Again?

Problems, I have a lot. To get over them, will take a lot of effort. I am NOT going to simply accept a NO. NO WAY! I'm trying to figure out a way to get a YES. I will get it. I want it really badly. I have to get it no matter what. :(

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Why do I feel as though I know that Britney never loved KevFed, and was only with him to fill the void? I think she loves Justin and never got over it. KevFed never seemed like a man that is passionate enough to be loved, or could ever love.. LOL. just a thought.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Saya Terjumpa Ini Tadi

Not a fan, but this is quite interesting whether or not it is true...

Somewhere in Step 1...

click here (NO, no such thing as spam here; SERIOUSLY, I'm not Lying!)


Achievements? No sign of that yet.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

3 Lines: ...

  1. Remember the time when we were remembering? (Powerpuff Girls)
  2. Never say 'No' to yourself. (Heidi Klum)
  3. She is a genius. (Jet)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Uish, Not Fair! Or is it?

Is it true that proper girls can't make history? And that good girls go nowhere? I don't think I am one, but I know that I'm too lazy to care about all that. lol.
I want to change the world. I wish for it to happen everyday. But I'm just too lazy to care! And that is BADDDD! Bodoh ba,... there are a million things that I can do, and I am nowhere near to where I think and BELIEVE I belong.
Boring eh. I know that I can do well but laziness is drifting me away from my destiny. Maybe it's not just laziness.. maybe the fact that I'm lack of confidence plus that I've always been a shy person is adding to the reasons to why I am so unsuccessful (in my own way). That's bad. It's something like being kiasu, innit? I want to get over it. But how? HOW???
Probably I'm going to try something.. Let's see if this will work...
For future updates, please tune in to the next posting~ (macam la ada orang baca pun lol)