Friday, April 18, 2008

it's built to last...

lalalalala!!!!good morning~ right now m still in bed refusing to get out of it. life's been busy lately. sometimes very complicated. but it won't be much complicated if i didn't actually made it so. which i did. had a game of futsal yesterday. didn't really wanted to come, but was forced by a few friends. it turned out to be quite fun, but eventually fatty me got really exhausted and couldn't handle much of it.. lol. i was sent home and had to pick up jojo. went to helong's for laing's farewell (damn smart kids of today!-->referring to laing and jojo), going to fly off to kursk, russia tomorrow.. both laing and jojo's going to study medic! gila bahh... i'm so jealous! they're so smart... later this afternoon, i'll be heading to sports planet to join ellyas and jojo for a game of futsal-again!m not really good at it, but i'm trying to burn as much fat as possible... i can't be fat forever! my legs are so gigantous!i am so sad... :( boo hoo! i don't know what i'm crapping about now, but i guess i'm going out of context everytime i start a sentence. o well, this is my blog so i don't give a damn about wat other people think about what i'm writing right now. i don't want to be a year older!~ i refuse to meet the day,... but it's gona be very soon i tell you... very soon!!! darn it! i miss being 16 and naive and dumb and carefree and .... un-old...blekhhh.... have t ogo chk on Z..muax.

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