Friday, May 30, 2008

and it goes like... WHAT???

unexpectant. that's how it is these days. things happen naturally, yet we should never expect it to be the way we would want it to be. my life can be all screwed up at times. but i'll always try to get myself up again even though at times i might fail. so am i strong enough? i hope so. i need to be so. i wish i could be dependent on someone, but my problem is that i couldn't trust anyone so easily. although life has been real piece of shit sometimes, we gotta move on don't we?
there is probably such thing as happiness if you dare search for it long and wide, but when you've had enough of something that will bring you down over again, why waste time? I'M NOT BEING PESSIMISTIC! i'm just being plain realistic. i love every second i breathe, because it is like a never ending adventure to me. *i feel like slapping someone's face right now*
there are more to life than those who had hurt you or those who will do that.
Corporate Accounting is very hard because i'm such a lazy bum, Company Law is killing me because i dont feel like reading, Macroeconomics is so far away from my mind because I'm terribly panicked by the other two... OmG!MDM! :'(
yeah.. i'm not making any sense. blergh.

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Zsa Zsa said...

emo kah???