Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Uish, Not Fair! Or is it?

Is it true that proper girls can't make history? And that good girls go nowhere? I don't think I am one, but I know that I'm too lazy to care about all that. lol.
I want to change the world. I wish for it to happen everyday. But I'm just too lazy to care! And that is BADDDD! Bodoh ba,... there are a million things that I can do, and I am nowhere near to where I think and BELIEVE I belong.
Boring eh. I know that I can do well but laziness is drifting me away from my destiny. Maybe it's not just laziness.. maybe the fact that I'm lack of confidence plus that I've always been a shy person is adding to the reasons to why I am so unsuccessful (in my own way). That's bad. It's something like being kiasu, innit? I want to get over it. But how? HOW???
Probably I'm going to try something.. Let's see if this will work...
For future updates, please tune in to the next posting~ (macam la ada orang baca pun lol)


Elisha said...

Good luck with it. You need to get off from your comfort zone and make something happen. ;-)

I believe you can do it. So you should believe in yourself too.

Yea, of coz there's people reading your post. Just that people don't leave comments as what you see in facebook.

Isn't it beautiful if we have snowballing comments in our blog.

~nuTt*~ said...

O very true.. sometimes I think nobody would be bothered to read. lol.
I'm always in my comfort zone, huh? I better get myself out of it then! :)
Thank you for believing in me, and you're right, I must believe in myself too~ I was just about to post something about exactly the same thing~ heeee~