Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The things he says

Ok, I am that typical female analysing every words and movements that people make. I hope my boyfriend won't freak out when he reads this.
I believe that we can read a person by taking note of what he/she is saying, and through the way they speak. I might be wrong, but all these here, are just a part of my own observation as a 'sometimes' quiet individual. To move on, let us focus on the two things I mentioned earlier that you should take note on: the words that are being said, and the way they are said.

Please do take note that if there are anyone out there reading this, who may be offended by some of the stuff I'm babbling about here, I am just doing this for the sake of... I don't know... "to kill boredom before I start with some academic reading, after having to listen to some old Destiny's Child's tracks... (eg: "Can you pay my bills?"~ Bills, Bills, Bills)". lol.

So here goes...

When a guy talks bad about you (the girl) from the back, 2 probable reasons that may contribute for this to happen might be:
a) he's offended with some thing that you've done... or
b) he wants you, but he doesn't know how to get you.
  • He would say something like. 'I can't stand her bitching about people all the time' (usually guys won't bother unless if 'it'[her bitching] had affected him)... and
  • 'She's okay, but I find her boring,' (sometimes, he will actually mean it, but look closely, sometimes there might be other meanings attached to it).
When he mumbles to you something that you could barely understand (well, he's mumbling, bah!), in a way, this guy's trying to tease you OR maybe, he's just afraid that he may get rejected. Lol.
For example:
  • 'Would you jjrrr' (translation: would you go out with me?)~ he's trying to invite you out, but he doesn't have the guts to do so.
  • *he whispers*: 'Be my date', and then when you ask him to repeat what he said again clearly, he'll tell you that he was only talking to himself.
Other than that, Mr Man may tell you a lot of things about himself, he might open up to you on things, but he may also say something that could mean another. I am such a typical female. Lol.

Some guys might be really open on things. This may be caused by his confidence. Confidence is not really ego. Ego is when a person believes that he/she is right -- almost all the time, and he/she is so right that his/her beliefs should become a standard for other people. Annoying eh. Confidence, on the other hand, can be related to ego and pride. Confidence is when one knows that he/she is the best, and he/she is very proud of it. It's a good thing actually, because I believe that the people from this group have less to be sad about, because they're selfish.Thus they have little to worry about, and more to be happy about. And God knows that I want to be 'that' badly, but I can't. I guess it's about being positive. Lol.

So when a guy confidently tells you everything (all the good things) about himself, he's actually trying to offer himself to you. HAHAH. No, I'm just kidding. He's actually testing you, and he's trying to get it out of your mouth that you want him the way other girls would want him as well. He'll tell you that he can read you from the 'flickers' in your eyes, or the giggles in your voice, or even the excitement in your words. But when he gives up, he knows but well enough that he's worth more than to just wait for your acceptance (reply to his offer~ LOL. macam contracting jak).
Examples include:
  • 'Darling you have the best looking eyes,'...wait for a few minutes or seconds,after a brief talk about something else, '... and girls always approach me when they spot me alone.' He seriously can't help it but to make you notice that he's something you cannot resist.
  • Sometimes, this dude might tell you, 'I can help you with *this&that*', because he knows that he can do anything, and that he has everything.

Next is Mr Opportunist. He's not my ideal man, but when being opportunistic could benefit me, I won't mind much. Lol.

Opportunistic guys won't hide much of his opportunistic manner from you. Once he had charmed you with sweet words and his so-called commitment, he'll slowly ask for things from you. Examples are as exhibited:

  • He will start by asking you: 'Babe, can I borrow *little stuff* from you?' Then...
  • 'Honey, I am going to do *something very important~ coughs: lies*, can I use your *significant stuff*'. OHOHO... If he's that guy, RUN, Babe, RUN! Next thing you know, he's with some other chick, taking hold of you *significant stuff*~ eg: car.

There are no such thing as Mr Right, because Mr Right might be Mr A-Lot-of-Things-You-Don't-Know-Yet.

Mr So-Called-Right might tell you that you are the one. And if you're me, you'll ask yourself again and again... 'Am I?'. He will tell you that he prefers you to be that good girl all the time, so that he can sneak on to the other side when you're still focused on the 'good side'. Lol. Funny, but some people, like myself, can't take dishonesty, so I reject to the notion that you have to be an angel to take hold of a Mr Right. No Siree~ it doesn't work that way. With an open and positive mind, you'll be surprised to see the truth that's been there all the while. I'm not complaining (if you think so, it's up to you. lol), I am just explaining my perception on things like this. I mean, when you commit yourself in a relationship, you should already know that the foundation of such thing is trust, right? Then why lie, and wait to get caught? Lol. Better tell the truth, whether you're having a huge crush on your bestfriend, or that you still miss your ex. Things could work out when the truth is known.

Next category of guys I can think of now is, Mr Flirt. He's good with words, he's super friendly, BUT he's got his own barrier that separates you and him. He will tell you a million good things about you, and he'll make you feel like you're the best-looking person on the face of the earth, but he will never leave out that he's just another guy who is not interested in you. And one thing that will make you super comfortable interacting with him is that he'll make fun of you everytime after he praises you. He knows that he means it ;P . Playing hard-to-get ah, you? Lol. But these group of guys are super nice to have around, especially if they are good-looking. Wouldn't you want to have such friend? Lol.

Possible signs that he loves you is when he:

  • doesn't get tired of you nagging all the time
  • will always try to be the only guy that you can depend on
  • gives you a lot of sufficient advice
  • will help you tell between what is right and what is wrong (and you yourself should know what both are, so that you can detect if he's right)
  • offers you his help, because he'd hate not to heroic. lol
  • never regret being a fool for you.

In conclusion: I don't know if I'm right, but it's great to let things out like this. hehe.

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