Monday, November 30, 2009

Maybe I am an Ego Maniac... So?

I do not care about what was lost.
I do not want to know what happened to the rest along the roads of the past.
I do not regret, as much as I would have been earlier after failures.
I think experiences make a person, and so I am now.
I do not turn back to the past.
I am strong and I believe that I am good enough for the future.
If there were scabs, hurt and pain, after awhile, I will heal myself with the faith I have.
I think patience strenghthens my beliefs.
And my strongest belief is in God.
I am beautiful.
I am strong.
I believe in Love, Knowledge and being true to myself.
Forgiveness would be the hardest thing to give...
But when you give one person a chance, then maybe you can change the world... bit by bit.
I am after all, human
Like you, and you, and you.
I can't simply avoid mistakes that cannot be undone.. and so can't you.
You might not be able to resist negativities, and so can't I.
But the world is round, and with the existence of Gravity:
What goes up, must eventually come down~
Philosophy to me is nothing more than the years and years of observation.
We learn from it.
We live it everyday.
So don't question me about my egoism.
This is me. I choose to be this way.
What you are, is then up to you.
And this Life is Beautiful.
Thank you, God.


Annna said...

that's true babe, hehe.

~nuTt*~ said...

:D we've all grown up! LoL~