Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rumblings, Mumblings, Blab blab blab!

I am in the dining hall with all my books and papers. I am very nervous and I'm trying to figure out how to achieve these things... I realise that I've been ignorant. Not entirely, but I have been ignorant enough to not apply what I know, what I've learnt. So I jotted down in my notebook

->Lack Experience? --> GAIN IT!
-> BUT HOW?!!

I can do a lot, but I'm just unsure about it. I know a lot.. and I can do a lot.. then again, I am lack of experience? Should I bend down and listen?~ Not a good idea.. Nobody will have the time to make me understand what's actually going on. I have to have the heart to absorb all these tiny matters. How can they not be well-organised when they have more experience than me? Aren't they scared of errors? How about late submission of documents? How can I contribute?

I got home to Nini's and heard about "Piagam Madinah" (or "the Medina Treaty") and I relate that with the Al-Qafiroon surah... and also the commotion in West Malaysia... the stuff that they did, they really don't needto go through all that, right? We are all human. We are all equal, the Treaty and surah strongly discourages us from fighting over silly stuff as this. So we believe in the same God, and the different religions that we believe in originate from the same part of the world... what is wrong with using the same word to call our God? Maybe, just maybe, we'd need to educate each other on this. Maybe we too should be educated to understand more about what we're not sure of... It's up to God who he favours. Today, a disbeliever (to our respective religions) may not understand or see what we have, but tomorrow we might not no.. So why the violence?
[more on the Medina Treaty/Constitution]

Just some thoughts I thought I needed to clear out...


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Shakrinal Aldree said...

in school.. when we had our gay fights.. where the whole school was divided into two, we had our own treaty as well..

it was called "perjanjian Hudaibiah" in honour of the original hudaibiah agreement...

but ofcourse the content was a lot more simpler and less epic.