Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disappointment - I'm never good enough for you.

 "Chill," friends would tell me, when I'm in distress, as I'd be disappointed with something.
 "I'm disappointed with you," one would tell me. It hurts. Like crazy.
 I feel this. It just swooshed away, hurting me bad. From limb to limb...
 They ridicule disappointment. They ignored my disappointment. Yet they tell me over and over again how disappointed they are of me. 
At present, it's the BEST gift I've ever had. It made me cry a whole lot. Worry a bunch more.
I got migraines from all the worrying. Stress. Tensed. You name it. I got it.
That's how a big, how huge, how GREAT disappointment is as a gift in my present.

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