Thursday, September 11, 2008

when u do it this time, do it right. don't cheat. no shortcuts. effort. truth. keep it steady

panjang lok title ya. haha. i'm on bed in the front room at Nini's. just chatted with cousins and a few friends tek. but i should be doing my assignments now. so i told them that i'm kinda busy.
ok, so tujuan kamek menulis blog today is because i'm scared of this person that i'm turning into. yeah, i'm happy. but probably i'm too happy.. in euphoria! sik bagus jak rasa.. i feel very insecured with myself. i dream too much. i've been playing too much.. and procratination? CUBA UDAH GIK! huh.. i want to tell this to someone, but i know that all they can come up with is: 'lek la... biasa la ya..', or 'sikda apa2 ya bah...cuba iboh think too much..' or... '..boring kau... mala jak!' yang last ya biasa nya dari munee or kakak la...i'm so fed up with my nonsense! *slap slap* dirik.. mesti bodo jak rupa ku polah dirik ku gia..erk...
eeeee... there's this really dumb feeling in the pit of my stomach!dah dgr lagu breathless and like a star over and over and over and over again..
yesterday i went out with my mom.. pegi shopping.. and i was like so in love with this baju and pants.. terus pakei.. it's always too easy for me..!!i feel guilty for not working hard for what i am getting... all these..!it is making me less human.making me feel unreal.. i want to be real. i am not sure if i am ever real. macam my life sikda effort jak. o God. help me become budak baik yang mengenang budi orang tua.. :( aduh. emo la me now.. sobs.

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