Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am A Hopeless X-Mas Romantic!

For X-Mas,.. I really, really want... :
  1. to watch Love Actually 5 times.... (mena aie..) ~ this is due to the haunting happy X-Mas songs I've been listening to... and lagu the Beatles ya... -.-
  2. to go to Singapore... (I really really want to go... :( ... plus.. Torey Jenson from Pamela Wallace's Love with a Perfect Stranger ya...!!! ~encouraging me to go travel ... and.... :P )
  3. to be with my besties... especially Nabs la somehow,... and AZIE! I wish suma org boleh pegi Singapore.. aie.. pahal la I really want to go hooo...
  4. my little angit lepreechawns to buy me the books! ~ ingat adik2 ku yang bau,k?
  5. to call or maybe just text la.. LOL (budget) all my besties on the eve (Munee, KK, DD, Mai, Thila, Zsa, Anna, Gwen, Elaine,Ezra.... (aku sik suka la nak list down tok... mun ada tertinggal nama ya... sorry babes!) all the jiwang dorky texts I'd definitely send... hehehe..
  7. to buy something for Ben's birthday... definitely...
  8. to start thinking of New Year Resolutions..
  9. to have an adventure I've never had.. heeheeheehee..
  10. ok.. ok.. ada gik tok.. but I malas want to type..

~ I cannot be left with classic love songs and movies! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! I'm so tamak...

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