Friday, February 25, 2011

Maybe I am a FEMINIST

I once thought that I were a feminist, though not long after that I learnt that some feminists may have gotten a bit extreme on some issues. Which was kind of silly, no doubt.
I'm not sure how feminisme ever came to be, but I think I am sure that it must've been caused by men's super ego and their self-proclaimed superiority in the darker ages. I mean, come on lah right.. If you paid attention in class during our primary school's Pendidikan Islam (Islamic Studies) you will get the idea of how wretched the jahiliahs were to their women and girls kan? I'm sure any religion such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and any other religion would preach on the same things, whereby one of them is to treat any human - men or women, young or old, with respect, am I not right?
I remember Buddhism teachings, on karma, we all would probably know that it's got something to do with good versus evil.. And that what you give, you'll get back in the end, right? That is the simplest way that people's comprehension of karma, but I was told by a friendly source that karma is a cycle of life or some sort. Karma is when one party keeps grudge on another, and when they all die, in their next life they will still be in a battle until one of them decided to call for truce/peace that their upcoming lives will be harmonious. It makes sense, because as i've said, any religion preaches us to do the good and leave the bad.
I used to think that the extremity of being feminist is overrated. Well, it could if you don't take into account that all human are equal and should be treated equally. Feminisme can be quite sexist some way. I guess I am quite feminist when it comes to how unfair some men have been treating women.. But once women treat men by the evil of how wrong a man would've treated woman, that my fellow readers, is zalim. Zalim, derived from arabic vocabulary, meaning putting or having something where it's not supposed to (I hope I'm right lah hehe). So my point here is that it's zalim to for men to treat women badly, AND it's also zalim for WOMEN to mistreat men.
Concluding my blab this time 'round, all these that I've been trying to explain is to ensure that people understand the position of my interpretation of feminisme. FEMINISME to be is the pride of being female. Being a woman.. Not mistreating men, unless if they deserve to be mistreated, as they've mistreated others.

Finally, ending my post for today, I'd love to say the catch phrase the lecturers from the course I went to kept on saying after each lectures:
'What ever wrongs I've said and done is of my own; not of God's'
Ameen B-)
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