Sunday, June 26, 2011


I never knew that baking could be so addictive.... IT IS!

These few weekends.. I've been experimenting some recipes from my baking book and the outcome was 100% accurate!

These were the displays of the results of my baking... cheyy...

This was an experimentative cuppies. Coffee+banana cake with fruity cream cheese top :)

Choc-coffee cuppies with Choc Topping

Coffee-Banana cake with fruity cream cheese icing

The cake got halved! :P

Choc-coffee cupcake with cream cheese icing

Butterscotch-chips Snail buns

Packed for the families :)
So what will be next? Stay tuned. I'll update soon :P


1 comment:

Delila Abu Bakar said...

oh you baked everything! all look soo yummy.