Monday, October 01, 2007

Dinner (sungkey)... and the Dark!! [D n the D]

guess where this is!!!

...the ATM machine looks so dangerous in the dark... BOO!!!

Coffee Bean (Sarawak Plaza) in the DARK!!! looks so creepy right??? look at that shadow !!!

waiting near the traffic light outside of TJ!!! :D

my dish!!! i puked the chicken soon after this picture was taken XO~~~

Sepul... feasting... feasting... and feasting again....
that 's his yellow jersey there... and his mashed potatoes + ice cream.... bluek!!!

what was left of my ice cream that Sepul took to mix with his food... omg!!! *puking*

That's how it looks like upclose!!!!!

the sequence is actually like this:

  • had dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet with Syam, Sepul + Nora, Julian, Jerry and Apeet...
  • more like sungkey la.. duh... bulan posa..
  • discussed about Jules presidency.. lol.. I WILL VOTE FOR JULIAN JOHN AND SO SHOULD YOU!
  • walked to TJ - window-shopping at Vincci bcos there was a sale! best... but i am broke...
  • got back at Sarawak Plaza.. and whoooshhh... suddenly blackout when Nora and I were surveying some stuff at Cindy... eheheh.. so THEN we had to go home... the END~~

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Zsa Zsa said...

wahh mek mok sungkey luar juak! damn it!