Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i'm a little tired. i'm a little emotional, but i'm not sure what i'm feeling right now. in my head right now i'm trying to figure out what i'm supposed to do. omg. i've got so much to do and i don't think that i'd be enjoying raya much. ish. i wish i could dream on my bed right now. under the comforter. wahhh... the weather is so hot today. the sun is so bright. and i hate the sun today. really dreading the weather. oh, i got a new lip color (estee lauder - Pure Color 112 Beige) I just love the color, because this time of the year i couldn't find the right color for myself. i'm like so dark that not many colors suits me. i wish i'm not so dark, and i wish that i have good complexion. eeeee.... so jealous of nabby! lol. i'm trying to distract myself from something now, but what???
i don't know. i'd rather dream of some prince from some faraway kingdom in his shining armor... lol.. and his long hair!! ..wahahah.. i want to go home and sleep!!!! :D

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