Tuesday, November 27, 2007

now that it's over

i kinda miss the studying time spent with my friends... it was so much FUN! and i've been complaining about studying then... hahaha.. was done with my final paper this morning. i just couldn't wait to get out of the exam hall. i was all blank and i think i filled in whatever that was in my head just now. waahhh... i feel like an idiot when i drove off after that. with deep disappointment towards myself, i went to Nini's and dozed off on her bed in the kitchen. i'll just wait and see la.. what to do? lols.. anyways, i had dinner with athila and her family and esther and amanda last night. nyaman juak la.. then we went to iglool right before sending esther home.. heheh.. sekda apa2 gilak la... i just realised that i miss my friends so much... nang gilak2 eh.. including nora, jen, eve,... the guys... munee, kakak, dedek,... naby... isshhhh.... i think i'm emo now. pa jak la!!
right now, i think i should do something worth my time. probably like contribute something to the community, especially children... sapa2 mok join aku beli gifts for 'Love in a Box', please call me.. or just buat if you think u want to. ~LoVe n KisSes~

Photos taken after dinner lastnight.. :D
(from above to bottom: (i) me and esther, (ii) jojo and manda, (iii) manda and i)

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