Friday, November 23, 2007

Strange Reflection - Hallo Miss OffBeat

i'm looking at myself and i feel like i'm so strange... like of all people, vanity does not suit me at all.. i am vain, but it's not me. i guess that's why i hate to look at myself in the mirror and do all those rasa cute pose... ish... i wish that i am. lols.
sometimes i think that i'm so boring i don't even make sense. half of the people i know can't seem to find joy talking to me... but why? i'm very dull. that's how evaluate myself. ish... i wish that i'm an interesting chatterbox. i've not much to talk about with people, because i know only few people.. and all i can talk about most of the time is myself (pls note that i'm doing it right now... and all through this blog you'd find stuff i wrote about me jak..)
anyways, i'll find more time talking about myself again after the two other papers i have to sit for this monday and tuesday, and if there's anyone reading this, please pray that i'll get through this semester with flying and dancing colours... and i'll love you forever and ever and ever...lols.. muacks!

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