Tuesday, December 25, 2007


i hate to say that i told you so!

darn it... i am full of sarcasm and i'm scaring other people off! ahahaha.. it was a beautiful hot day today.. a bit windy and christmas visiting was super COOL! we started out visit at esther's and her eyeball biscuits are to die for! and then we went off to gwen's which is a tradition to us girls... since we were like wat... 15.. and then we went off straight to helong's and me, angie and zsa zsa was so tired that we came up to her room and lie down there for a moment.... and then we went to jojo's friend's house, deborah's somewhere in kesuma and the house was like.... WHOA...... i want a house like that... ahahahha... i seriously dunno wat else to say right now... can't stop being annoying.. hee hee.. merry x-mas and a happy tahun baru!

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