Friday, December 07, 2007

still thinking... again and again...

a friend of mine just told me that she's isoloating herself from people for now. i think i'd want to do that too. i'd just need a few close friends around me. my my family and my boyfriend, of course. i'm so sorry if i've been mean to anyone of you that i don't think i want to care much about. even if i dislike you, it doesn't mean that i hate you to death, and probably one day we'd find similarities between the two of us and we'd be friends, maybe. but right now, i'd have to be straight and honest. i cannot like the people i do not like. i am mean. i can be shallow at times, but i'd never have the intention to hurt anyone at all. straight from my heart. i just can't afford for anyone to hurt me, because i am awfully sensitive. but i'll always respect you. i promise. i have hurt feelings of others too. and undeniably, i have bitched about people too. i'm sorry. i am human. no sarcasm required here. i want to embrace life. i want to live life to the fullest. thus, i would like to confess that i do not want to care so much about anyone who hates me :) . keep that in mind. it is good if these people do not care about all this, but if you do... it's better for you not to care, because it'd ruin your mind hehe..
Zsa Zsa quoted,'HUMAN ANNOY ME'. sometimes it makes sense. freakily it does. PEOPLE do ANNOY me. erghh... hugs. goodnight.

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