Wednesday, August 20, 2008


this week i managed to learn a bit more about stuff. i'm scared i might not have enough time i could spend with the people i love the most. i went to visit my grandma before i go off later this evening. at first she did not want to react to me. until i showed her that i still keep the ring she gave me. she was admitted last friday.she was unconcious for a few hours and had a short term memory lost which got me very worried that i quickly purchase a ticket to KL.she improved and was discharged yesterday. but she seemed quite tired and weak and she could only mumble to speak.she cried when i left. i had to hold myself firm so that i won't burst to tears myself. i made her promise just now that if she gets stronger the next time i return to KL i'll definitely will bring her out around KL. she cried a bit more.but i kissed her and told her that i'll be seeing her soon and she replied,'OK la' which left me smiling for awhile. i'm keeping my word.i will return to see her and make her happy again. i Love her so much. and i hope that she'll get better and better everyday so that she'll be in a happier state. i'm gona miss my family here in KL and i hope that God will always protect them from harm wherever they are all over the world, so as those that i love and who loves me.


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Zsa Zsa said...

im crying here!!!