Friday, March 20, 2009


Right now, I'm doing nothing much (yep, not studying like I should be)... and listening to WEEZER's "The Angel and the One"... not my favourite, but the beat is very mellow. Listening to this makes me think... I have a purpose in Life. I should have a Goal in life. All this while, I have a lot in my mind, with all the current issues in my life (current issues... mhhheeehee) I kind of forgotten about the things I thought about when I was younger. When nothing would bother my thoughts about what I want to become. There was only me. Me in my many thoughts. No problems, paranoia, nothing that was really hurtful that would distract me from thinking about what I want. I wanted to become successful. I wanted to become creative. I wanted to do millions of things that I can't even think about now.
I'm not blaming anyone on this mess. Lol. I just got distracted with mixed emotions. As of now, I've not been in much of sadness. Maybe just loneliness since i'm living with the house's helpers... and no one else, except maybe uncle Reno who's only around sometimes. I meet up with friends in school. I vowed to myself not to hangout too much. And I'd be trying hard to convince myself that it'd be fun to attend all of the lectures and tutorials, and NEVER MISSING ANY OF 'EM. I want to succeed. I want to do VERY WELL. I want to do my BEST like I've never done it before. I can do it. I know that I can. If other people could do it then why can't I? :)
As a start, I've been focussing on the stuff that I love doing. Yesterday, I bought myself a headphone+mic (guess what I've been doing with that).. like I said I went to classes, and I found that when I really learn to understand the stuff they teach in class, it was actually interesting.. hehe.. (terrible... before this, I'd be all sleepy)... well I hope that this behavior of mine would last my whole life. I love being like this! :D
Still, thinking about all these at this age, I don't know where I'm going.. the direction I'm taking... I mean how can I know where I'm going when I don't know where I want to be? I need help. HELP. Yes, anyone who are reading this.. Nadia Suib needs your HELP.

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