Sunday, March 08, 2009

the Little Vegetable Boy

This is the second time I met him. This time too, he asked me if I had water that he could drink. The first time, I did not have any drinks with me. My brother who was with me then, did, but not I.
I met him again tonight. Before, it was not as late as now. Before it was still daytime. Tonight he was there at about half an hour ago, that's about 10.30pm. A child. He's barely Isaac's age (Isaac's 14 this year),.. he's probably around 12 years old, or maybe younger. Just when I was about to enter the convenient store, he asked me if I wanted to buy vegies. Who the hell buys vegie at this hour? Where is his mom? His dad? Both of them? Guardians? Those very irresponsible adults! I know that I would not have much say in this. I barely know him. In fact I don't know him at all. BUT!~ He's just a child. Why would any parents want to let their kid wonder around any places at all at this time.
I answered his question, I said, "Sorry, sikmok," (I'm sorry, I don't), and he asked me if I had any drinks. I told him that I'll go get one for him in awhile. So I did. I got him a can of Milo. Wouldn't you do the same if you see a child doing so? I hate the fact that he seemed as though he is begging like a beggar, although he is not, and I hate it even more when I handed him the drink and told him to go home, he said, "Kamek mesti juak abis sayor tok lok," (I have to sell all the vegetables first). WHY? It's late? Where are your parent? I wanted to ask him that, but I didn't. I can understand if he sells the vegies on daytime, but NOW? At this HOUR? What the ....? This issue needs to be seen eh. It's not healthy for children to WORK at this HOUR! I'm so geram.

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