Monday, November 29, 2010

Charity Charity! Let us help feed others~

Good afternoon! At the moment, I think I've joined 3 organizations of which includes:
If you can see on the right of this blog, I've attached a few buttons you can click on to join me and many others to reach our goals to help feed those who are in need of our help. As for Girls Inc, on the other hand, is another organization that promotes something like "Girl Power" in the US and Canada, but I joined it anyway, because I am a girl, and I found the concept of this organization quite useful in order to help young ladies to become better and successful rather than being emo on the corner of a room hoping for miracles without working for it. :D I talk too much.

Come and join me weyy!

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Amni said...

great! bila la kamek nak jadi matang macam kitak oo... pikir jauh bah.... wawawa.... hidup masih mok main-main kmk tok.. aiyaa... padahal umur dah tua.. eh?