Sunday, November 07, 2010


Last night I went to the Cinema with Chee Sin and Lee Sin.. We went watching MEGAMIND! It was yeah.. MINDblowing, k!

Comedic as it was, there were of course romantic touches here and there in the movie.. (yes i'm trying to spoil it before you watch this! HA-HA) like the time where Megamind was the not even the last one to be picked in when they were playing in school (or as he pronounced it,.. "Shool" LOL), or when he tried hard to win the hearts of people around him, but he failed to do so.. He's soooo cute... I actually thought he looked like Neil Patrick Harris there! HAHAHA~ but Will Ferrell played his voice, but then again, Will Ferrell is a genius when it comes to animation comedies.

Yeah, and so Megamind, the infamous crook realised that a Hero is not Born, but Made. He said it out loud, when he realised that without a superhero, being a villain is no fun.. lol~ So he made a superhero.. who turned EVILLLL~ lol

k la.. maybe i dont wana go off and spoil everything..

mua mua!



The Fleece Master said...

im considering watching megamind, either it is wellworth every penny i spend for the comfee seat of mbo or it is just another waste of RM10 watching overrated comedian Will Ferrel animation movie. After reading your post, bizarrely I still cant decide haha. =) have a good day ahead Nutt.

~nuTt*~ said...

I promise you~ It's worth the RM10!! hahaha~ it's soooo cute you'll love me for recommending it~ HAHAHA! xx