Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"It's not You, It's Me" ~ the Breakup tales

"It's not You, it's Me" he/she blurted out as though they've been practicing that line the whole day after you've made a special appointment just to meet him/her. That will happen in some cases, while half-way partying, in the living room of a shared apartment or even on the phone. They'll make it a point to come meet you to settle this matter, where most of the time it'll seem like an excuse he/she should never come up with, or other than that they've gotten enough of you already, or at times, where mysteries have it, they are in deep pain that they wouldn't want you to share it with em.

I'm a strong believer of love and I never put romance aside in this occasion. I believe that when you love somebody, you will stay with them no matter how ugly/nasty/stupid they are. You will stay with them through the best and worst moments, and will bear all pain if you have to as long as they would do the same for you. wahseh.. so emo... Of course there will always be a border to that. Relationship is about 2 people becoming 1, they'd always say. Maybe it is, because the important thing about a relationship is that you have to compromise to reach the similar goals you're trying to achieve - staying together. Fair enough that not everyone can take hold of their fate if they don't believe in it right? What is love without compassion, yo?

Breakups can be bad or good in many ways. I'm typing this down as though this topic was given to me by my Academic Writing lecturer back when I was doing foundation. LOL. It is debatable that breakup kills souls. I mean it will if you don't take it positively. For me, breakups can be somewhat motivational, especially when you've been making yourself believe that you're a super-loyal girl/boyfriend who would do anything to make the other half the most happiest person on earth (exaggerated? Mhmm~ but most of us will say so, right?)! Well looky here, by making him/her the happiest person on earth sometimes will take you to the toll. Some people are lucky enough to have met their true love who in return truly loves him/her. Some are lucky they never caught their other half red-handed doing things that they hope he/she will never do (ie: CHEATING! ~ biggest case k~), and some knows it but refuses to believe it.. like hallerrr..! It's time to wake up! Like he/she doesn't love you when he/she's like cheating! Some are forgivable.. others are best not to mentioned. Either way, my point is, when he/she does these thangsss~ he/she does not deserve you! And best of all, in realizing that, you should also note that you deserve better because you were the awesomest one between the two of you for being loyal, loving and cheer-maker (or cheerleader) just so that he/she will always happy!

So all my Honeys out there come out of the shadows of sadness and agony after your superbad breakups and let's always remember that there will always be a Mister/Miss Right out there waiting for you instead of that stinko of a jerk that's been fooling around with you and others. Once you've awaken from this terrible dream, you should join me feeling sorry for them for being victims of their own games.

To end this topic today, I would love to express that everything happens for a reason. Once you feel though you have failed/have been failed by someone... you should get up again and and build up better. Learn from your mistakes, and never blame others on the things that had happened in the past. Thank them because you know, what scratched you when you fell is just another proof that you've experienced something that you can afterwards avoid.

I'm so in PMS pain at the moment.

Love yah!



Anonymous said...

fantastic post!

two comments; firsto, i don't quite agree with going the distance to make the other person happy, i mean, if they're happy with you, you can do the most mundane things and they'd still feel as if they've been on the best day out EVER kan?

secondly; your statement about not blaming others for what happened if things don't work out. i must say, that is very very true 8-)


~nuTt*~ said...

thanks for reading.. I had to get it out of my system these rubbish.. lol..
Abt ur first comment, well.. u dont have really have to keep the other person happy all the time.. i was just saying that signs of person who's already in love is that they will go the distance to make it work..as for those who don't give it their all.. well, that's not love, kan? :P
I quote again, "Maybe it is, because the important thing about a relationship is that you have to compromise to reach the similar goals you're trying to achieve - staying together."
If one had stopped believing.. then why go on with it? :D

Anonymous said...

hmmm, i dunno nutt. in my experience those who 'go the distance to make it work' so to speak, is over-compensating. be it for their own insecurities, or tryin' too hard to impress the other person, or they're just tryin' to achieve what they perceive to be the 'perfect' romance.

or maybe i'm just an advocate of being in love is all you need. haha!

having said that, perhaps there's a difference between 'giving it your all' and 'feeling it all in your heart'. and maybe the key is to feel it, and express it in a way that will lead us to our common goal; which is to stay together 8-)

oh, for what it's worth, i don't think writing about this is rubbish, i used to do it all the time. before the bitterness crept it LOL! keep it up ya!


~nuTt*~ said...

Hello :) Complex, no? Well, once you feel content and into it,.. you won't notice all that you've done for someone who made you feel that way 'til you feel crushed on it. Nevermind that. We all have our own different ways of expressing our emotions :D The experiences we went through made us handle em probably, differently all the time. As did I. :P

Anonymous said...

hmmm...interesting point; handling things differently.

i wonder if it HAS to be that way.

i mean, what's wrong with handling things the same way, despite being with different people?

does that mean we're sacrificing what we want in a relationship JUST to make it work?

hmmm...something new for me to ponder, and to blog about 8-)