Friday, October 31, 2008

Let me remind about ...

... all the little things that matter:

  • conserve energy supplies like water and electricity, you won't be rich forever if you ignore that.

  • when you look at someone, it'd be pretty rude to stare, so try not to do too much of that, that person might get the wrong idea, and the sight of people making a big deal of such little issue is a waste of time. You should realise that you're making yourself looking like an arse.

  • before you say something, make sure you know the consequences of saying it (especially when you're trying to joke around...), not everyone are as insensitive as some of us.

  • try and check on every penny you've spent, how much of it was used to do beneficial things, and how much was wasted.

  • be considerate, I'm not a perfect person to tell people not to be selfish (I promise that I've been an inconsiderate jerk before, but am trying to reduce all that to zero percent!), but think of this: it's just another day for you and me in paradise.. I love that song! lol

  • always be ready to expect the unexpected. Good or bad, we're only human, we'd have to go through it all without having to hurt ourselves.

  • remember to hold on to our faith... no matter if you're moslem, christian, buddha, hindu, etc. because no faith/religion would guide any of us to do the things that would bring us trouble in the end... even free-thinkers have faith, somehow.. right? No, darling, nothing of those freaky Charlie Manson's faith...

I'll continue with this again later... sakit...kaki...

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