Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009~ So Far...

hmmm... All I could say is that I'm still trying to decide whether to do this or that. Days have been moderate... sometimes there'd be rain... sometimes the sun would shine ever so brightly... it's making me indecisive these everchanging weathers. I've had my fun times with friends. I've had falls. But it's better to forget rather than to make it look worst innit? I'm so tired of screwing myself up. One thing at a time I guess. But how long would it take to fix these? Let's see if time and a lot thinking could help. :P
Today in my agenda includes: a lot of writing activities, other activities would require the outflow of money... and something physical probably *winks* hahahah! kenjar lok bunyi. oh I guess I better go find some food to makan for now.. :D
~ something happened... but I'm still caught in thoughts. erk. shite.

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