Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This constant desperation is leading me to the utmost of pressure. It's killing me slowly (oh that clearly means that I'm feeling the pain as though something is biting every inch of my flesh slowly) and never have I been this way before. NO, it's not because of some lame Love thingy. It is something more valuable than that. It's like pride. Ego. Most importantly, My Ego. I have been thinking lately, rather than going through a very bad situation cooly, without having to do anything about it... I should take action over the mess I have caused. True? Ultimately!!
So there, I know that I'm speaking in riddles, but really.. I'd hate to bring up this huge problem to the surface. It might burst and probably eat me alive... after that, it might possibly be eating others too! ~ that bad huh? YEP!
And so, I'm still babbling here when actually I am supposed to finish this crap I'm handling and live at peace. One at a time, or nothing at all. I'll try not to lose this time, because it sucks to become the loser all the time.
O yea, Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends celebrating the festivity~ May this year brings many luck to everyone and demolish all the fake hopes so that people can move on with their respective lives already! :P

You can do it! :D

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