Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year Resolutions 2009!

ok ok.. update update..! lambat cerita this year...bagus I just type down all these that I need to do this year...

In 2009, I must:
1) cut down on my 'fun' hours
2) add on more 'studying' hours
3) go back to the old 'well-organised' me
4) workout at leat twice a week, at least an hour per day
5) save enough cash for me to go travelling the next holiday~
6) wake up from this very long sleep i've been in.... stop dreaming, and start living... I'm gona hit my 22nd year for goodness sake!
7) start looking for jobs
8) find my passion
9) learn to sew
10) stop delaying and procrastinating

ie.: Udah gik dreaming... and get serious,try to find the old you that you love so much and stop being scared and stop trying to please other people so much. Love is something you feel for yourself and others especially, but what others choose to be is not part of your responsibilty, but you must be there for them when they need you...just don't be a stupid idiot when it comes to all these sensitivity thingies. Stop bringing yourself down and stop being guilty about stuff. Confidence will be part of the key for a better future,... BUT!...let's do it with good intentions.. <3

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