Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Accepting Reality

(based on Managing Yourself, Grolier Business Library)

~being realistic is the most important thing in managing yourself, because even if you are motivated, you are only able to do it in a particular way or standard. By doing this, you should try to work out what the standard, and it would be unwise to keep on asking yourself tough questions, instead ask yourself:
  • is doing it this way appropriate?
  • does it have to be perfect?
  • do I have to cope with this alone?
  • do I have to finish this by tomorrow?

By then you can already set up your standards, and try to relax them to a reasonable point when possible.

  1. Realistic Hurrying
  2. Realistic Perfectionism
  3. Realistic Pleasing
  4. Realistic Trying
  5. Realistic Coping

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