Thursday, December 10, 2009

21 Types of Negative Friends

Does being a bad friend make you a BAD FRIEND?

This image here is of a book I think :P I googled for it~ ngehehe..

I actually got this from a magazine (was it herworld or female or marie claire? I don't remember) But can get a glimpse of it here: "When Friendship Hurts" by Jan Yager.. (title nya ya emo eh!)

Nobody's perfect, so I think I am these:

2. The Taker Borrows (I almost always loses my friends' things~ Sorry, Munee --CD and DVD *sobs*)

5. The Self-Absorbed (Especially when I am busy with studies/work... I feel like I've done this to Mai lately :( )

12. The Downer (This WAS me. Not anymore. Things have changed me to become better I guess? CONFIDENCE baby, CONFIDENCE!~ Kesian Aizud, my mangsa emo... and Saiful too sometimes :P~ Love you two! )

15. The Loner (NOT ALL THE TIME. Just when I need the space. I can't even be with Chee Sin then... I bet nobody ever notices much... at least I hope that they don't :O )

16. The Blood Sucker (Chee Sin, I'm your girlfriend, yet I am not THAT overly dependent~ :P just trying to make a point here.. :P )

17. The Therapist (kadang2 ingin nak rasa smart ba LOL, I'd only do this when friends are willing to utilise my service :D)

21. The Caretaker (WAS. Naby suka bully me. Whatever~ lol. 21's my favourite number ;) )

heehee... do you think I am any of the rest? TELL ME!!!~~ Because through self-evaluation, I can't really feel the rest :D

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