Sunday, February 01, 2009


CONFIDENCE is the one thing that I am lacking. I'm always scared of doing some things, thus I'd hold back. No matter personal or non-personally, I would choose to backdown and not go on with things, because I am scared that if I proceed on, all my attempts won't be fruitful as I had imagined = disappontments, frustrations and such..
I may not be the only one thinking this way. After many downfalls, I realised that I've not been doing much to get to where I want, thus the failures. Failing is not because of not holding that victory/success. Failing is NOT TRYING. I just realised that.
And another thing I realised is that you might also need someone there who believes in your capabilities on what you CAN do, like you've never known you could. TRY HARDER. You might just get somewhere, without even noticing it. Be Strong, and if you believe that it might work out, it'll always will. Put your whole heart to it, and if you really want it, like SUPER-DUPERLY want it like BAD, that will somehow become an influence to get you to enhance your willing to work harder on it. BENAR!
Oh, but right now, I'm all talk and no action. LoL. I'm still in the process of trying to do something that I REALLY REALLY (tambah another REALLY here because 3 is a MAGIC Blind Melon) want to do, fighting for something I am very sure I deserve, and hopefully, with God's will, I will achieve success <3

And whatever it is that you want to do, remember to NEVER do things WITHOUT any good intentions, because.. OH COME ON~ I don't want to start with another cliche! You know what I'm trying to say here~!

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