Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine's Day

Yesterday... I spent my Valentine's Day cooking. I made lasagne and truffles for the whole family, of course with some help from Ben, Nabeil, Isaac and Adeen.... *coughs* and of course I put aside some for my date, Sin, and I honestly hope that he liked it...and he told me that he was so kenyang after the lasagne and the satays he bought that night.. lol <3 and yea.. he got me something too :D
Later that night, after dinner at Bing's, we headed to Effa's birthday party at her home... Happy Birthday BABY! :) and her baby niece is ADORABLE! I plan to fix her to be one of Zachary's future playmates one day. haha! and she had so many people there.. we met up with Gwen and Izzurul .. I kinda miss my friends la! and Effa's cake was... scrumptious! lapar eh.. and then the four of us planned to go lepak somewhere... but IZZURUL! why did you ditch us??? So, I went off with Sin and Gwen... to Bing. And boy, was Bing full... so we decided to drive to airport's Starbucks... and me and Sin had Raspberry *sumthing* juice... while Gwen had Hazelnut Hot Chocolate... heheh.. just because her name is Hazel. lololol... and the two of us started taking picturess..of ourselves.. macam la sikda kerja lain! :D
We sent Gwen back.. and Sin sent me back home. He's such an adorable date :D and I hope that I was not over-dressed for the date lastnight.. I was afraid I was ... because I had so much to do yesterday, I lost track of time.. and then I think I stenched of onions, garlic and cheese.. :(
I enjoyed the night, and I hope that Sin did too.. and Gwen too of course.. :D I love Vday!

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