Monday, February 16, 2009

Patience of a Reserved Lady

She wakes up early to present the day
Of one, two, three and more altogether
She'll cook, clean, iron and then she sprays
Whine and grunts, she will never bother

She'll do the washing, the calculating
She organises, she will prepare
Not a day without her caring
Everything else will be just and fair

She'll dust the cabinet
She'll drive the car
She plays the clarinet
And she goes far

Nevertheless, this is her life
Reward her with a tenderness
She is a daughter, as she is wife
She is your mother, the lady of AWESOMENESS!

As time goes by, millions of seconds
Or mabe minutes, hours or days
She'll cherish love towards her husband,
Her children, parents, friends and prays:

"So this is the life You have bestowed me
A humble servant, accepting thee
I thank you God, your gift to me
For I shall love them endlessly..."

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