Monday, February 16, 2009

Why? (2008-2009)

Why did I listen?
Just so you know that I care
And I'll always be there
And you know that it's fair
'cause you'll never fail to be there

Why did I say?
'cause there are truth in it, I'm sure
Maybe sometimes there are no other cure
And other times I need them to hear
And in me there are/were also fear

Why did I stop?
Maybe I couldn't help it
Maybe I didn't mean it
Sometimes it makes me hypocrite
There is no use denying it

Why did I dare?
You are apart of my life
And I love, I can't lie
I told you that, I didn't deny
And I know -- it won't just die

Why did I stop?
Certain things have to happen
Every thing were omens
Making ways, it made me different
But changes froze me, so things could happen

Why did I lie?
Pretense is the word we shall use
We are merely huma, and we abuse
The human thoughts, just to be amused
But come along now, see here, look at me as I lose

Why not the truth?
You don't believe in it, then why should I?
Without the truth, we won't die
So there are times that we each would pry
Come on, together now, what are you waiting for, let us lie, Lie, LIE!

Why me?
Because you choose to believe so
Close your eyes and imagine more
It was really hard to learn this though
I wish it'd happenned earlier, probably just before

Why you?
I guess I opt to believe so
I might be wrong, but there'd be nothing to score
There is no losing, no winning you know
I wish it didn't occur, I could've just stored

Why didn't you?
Well, I wouldn't know
'Cause you'll never show
It might be too late, so come on, let's bow
And leave it here, live it for now

Why didn't I?
I'm afraid, I do fear
One wrong step, you'll disappear
My friend, I do too have fears
I am human too, remember, dear..

PS: Just thought I should remind you, we're merely human, and we shall never be free from making mistakes. And apologies to whom who still think I've been trying to hurt them. Maybe I did, maybe it was not purposely done. I'm sorry anyway, I do. And I never take anything seriously, I was never badly injured through any rough times I have been through. <3 and peace.

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