Friday, February 27, 2009

A Tale About Sudden Thoughts

This morning, I woke up a bit early. About 6 am. God I love waking up early. It kinda makes me feel human. Right after performing the morning prayer, I had breakfast (tuna in olive oil with egg and bread, and cup of coffee), and then straight to my laptop, nengok Facebook yang teramat rindu...
While I was wondering around in FB, a friend popped out of the FBChat (pop la nak? it sounded so). He was all so jiwang, talking about how he's missing Kuching and all his friends here. I was like... WHERE ARE YOU?? Paduhal kat NZ. He's been diving and by the way he's been expaining it, I think he's becoming like a nelayan (fisherman) I'm not sure la.. that's what I thought. lol. So he's been diving for fish and sea creatures that are edible (seafood la kan) in the waters of.... I'm not quite sure where in New Zealand, but he did say that it was 1 and a half hours from Auckland, macam bunyi dah working jak. So I asked him if he had caught tunas blom, and he was like... TUNA SITOK BESAR AGIK.... ikan tongkol sia besar gik (and why did I have to repeat that agik ka? because I just wanted to remind people that tuna=ikan tongkol kali :P) !!!!! And he made me lapar all over again... lol. He started telling me that if I purchase canned tuna, I have to make sure that the tuna has yellow fin and NEVER get the blue-finned ones.. (or was it the other way round...erk). Whatever it is, the ones that should never be bought is the one that was dead before the fisherman caught it (I guess that means that it's something like a carcass? ewwww...) and it wouldn't be halal, meaning it'd be all unhealthy if we consume it.. and he even told me that he caught oysters (or was it clams) and made olio for
At about 11.40 am, I was already at my own place (because I'm staying with my grandma), after having a nice shower, I collapsed onto my bed with a mighty migraine...
The day was so bright, that I decided to put on the facial mask I bought 2 days ago, and shut my eyes for awhile... then, I suddenly thought about the carcass... org jual ikan pun dah mati ba. You can't cook fishes while they are still flapping around, choking (yerr... tetauk jak) for water.. bimbo li statement ya~ yeah, and then I was thinking.. you know when we go out to seafood restaurants, most of the time we get to choose live crabs, or lobsters, or prawns, and even fishes for the chef too cook our FRESH seafood dinner. Does that mean that the crabs, lobsters, prawns and fishes that died a few hours before is not fresh anymore? hmm??? Because if it is so, one day if I ever want to cook fresh seafood, do I'd have to dip the sea creatures into boiling water while they're still moving and flapping..ishhh..... I love to eat you... but I can't bear that sympathetic feeling... and if I don't boil the creatures in the boiling hot water, that would mean that I'd have to bonk the body with that hammer looking cooking utensil with sharp pointy ends on it.... saddistic... *picturing myself hammering on dozens of tiger prawns that are moving about in the kitchen sink*.... gelik... All I can do now is to just hope that my future husband will be good at cooking fresh seafood meals. I'll just stick to the all-easy-less-stressful and conventional way of cooking seafood. I feel horrible.

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