Thursday, July 16, 2009


So what have I been doing these days? :) Yeah, I kinda took a few pictures to describe the last two weeks I've been through... As usual, I had my vain moments.....
My boyfriend, Sin, came back for good (that's what he said) but he'd be busy working, leaving me to focus on other things like...

my lovely friends and cousins.... (Ana on the left, Nabiya on the right)

With my cousin Nabiya (on the left), there was never any dull moments... I actually gotten myself a cam-whoring mate :P for awhile... she just reached her home, back in KL a few minutes ago, I assume..

And I managed to find a little time to spend with these little tots, Mykell (I dunno how to spell her name!) and Zachary... <3 adorable la these two!

I did spend a little time with my twins besties... Dedek and Kakak (guess what we were doing here) hehehe.. but they just took off on a plane for a holiday in KL too...

Kakak, Munee, Ezra, Myself and Dedek, at the Spring's Starbucks... with dramas stuck in our agenda... :P

I get to meet up with Eliff and Louis too this holiday... and spent a bit of time jamming for a performance at Swin's Info Day...

Ben was our guitarist, whilst Louis played bass and Eliff was on the drums.. Ezra? How did he get into the picture? He sang solo for the performance, and we had a duet just now, while karaokeing at Popwave.. hehehe.. I heard that he's leaving for KL as well tomorrow... oh... :(

I volunteered for duty as well for Info Day... but I didn't get to do much... hehehe... or at all..!!! Jaik me.. I can still remember Moazzam complaining about how I didn't do much of the duty.. can't help it, if it's fate ba!
In the picture: Trista, Moazzam, Winnie, Munee and myself in the front.
Not in the picture: Mustafa (because he was the one who was taking this picture of us :P
This is not even half the things I did this holiday... but I promise to come up with more updates soon... I'm too tired ehh...

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