Friday, July 24, 2009

Spending a Day as a Couch Potato :P aka MOVIE REVIEWS!

This morning, I woke up kind of late... and drove back to my mom's place to shower because there were men fixing Nini's windows at her home.
I was too lazy too get up once I got to mom's and went watching movies on Astro...
I got stuck watching 2 movies... that I didn't expect to be interesting! The first one was 'When Harry Met Sally' and the other one was 'Penelope'.
So, 'When Harry Met Sally' is about two people who had met earlier in their years, where Harry was about to hit on Sally and got with her best friend instead.... and then they've not met each other until years after that where both of them were already tied with their own respective spouse.. and that was when Sally remembered how annoying Harry was... and after like another 5 years.. they met up again, both single... and miserable.... and they became like best friends (so cute!) until..... like duh ... you know what happens next! hahahahah! dunwana spoil it for you (if you decide to check on it lol)...

All in all, this story depicts on what we call in real life -- Jodoh. Fate. Destiny... It captured me so much because knowing that if it is meant to be then it is... <3>

Pas ya tek.. 'Penelope' is a modern day fable that revolves around a girl with a pig's snout and ears! o tedah cerita ya.. Christina Ricci played Penelope and James McAvoy played the hero, Johnny Martin... AHHHH! James McAvoy is UBER HAWWWTTT! okay... i dunwana spoil the rest of the movie.. so... better go check it out yourself... happy indah lepas tengok movies ya... ehehhee

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NoNation said...

awww I love When Harry Met Sally! I can't believe you haven't seen it before. I wanna watch penelope, it looks creepy/cute.