Friday, July 17, 2009

You can see through my words. I know things that only you know. That was what we shared.

Sometimes I reminisce
Sometimes I ponder
The past was left
The future to be blundered..

I've fallen to the ground
I've floated I have flown
But one thing's trapped inside my mind
Is it true I've been unkind?

Emotions run deep
Sometimes it runs wild
But for me it's something I keep
I am a woman, I am a child.

I explore and I conquer
What I've learnt, what I went through
Experience, they're never ending
Some of which has been condescending.

I bow down to lowest of earth
I have rose to touch the sun
Since the beginning, until rebirth
I will be here to fight the time.

I am human, I'm not strong
I may defeat (or be defeated), though I am wrong
But can't I feel just one little happiness
or taking pleasures of being amongst...

These words I have not spoken
There are no intentions for hatred to be broken
Just my way to let them know
I have left, so long ago...

I have changed, emotions all dried
No way I could ever pried
If knowing this would change your views
I hope you know I needn't the news.

Fingers pointing everywhere
One or tens could land on me
Please just know to no despair
My conditions now, not less than happy

I feel blessed for loves and the grounds
That was bestowed down here for me
Nevertheless I wish the best
Here I am sitting with a glee...

Love and best regards,

P/S: I'm human too, I've no regrets expressing what I've been expressing. I never believe in hate, but probably during anger... and I fully believe in love and destiny that colors hope and dreams of mankind... I FEEL SO HIPPIE! YIPPIE!!! *creepy*

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