Saturday, November 08, 2008

Can't Wait! CAN'T WAIT!

I can't wait for the semester to be over~ I seriously can't! OK OK.. for now I'd have to:
  • take a break from FACEBOOK and all means of mass distractions :P
  • concentrate, focus and give my all for the preparation for this upcoming exam.
  • finish all necessary tasks, and NO MORE DELAYS please..
  • shut my eyes, and ears from the unnecessaries.................
  • and workout! workout! workout!! ~ to ganti FACEBOOK and other stress-relievers...
  • jogging kali? :D

And plans for the end-of-year break? :

  • give myself a few days to recover from the exhaustion of exams... (tido for a few days!)
  • freshen up -- DAMAI!
  • and hangout with all the friends yang balik dari perantauan... Johor/KL/Selangor/Nilai/Australia... and those yang tinggal di Hostel UNIMAS n UITM ...itu...simok ku sebut nama... sik tersebut lak kecik ati indah ktk org!!! BLUEK~~~~hahahah!
  • make up my mind whether I want to stay in Kuching, pegi KL or Miri after all that..
  • main masak2!!!! this one before deciding pegi KL, Miri or Singapore itu.. I should start a list siney nak distribute makanan2 tersebut...simok ku listdown dolok... takut lupak! :D

ok la... kissies.. nak MUNDY dahulu yerr??? :D

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